He Just Wanted to Cuddle...

Publisert 7. okt.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a pet crocodile begs for attention.

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Also in this video, a dog yells at an outlet. Someone made a machine that can knit a hat while rocking a chair. A cat smacks their owner. A golf cart crashes into another cart. A tornado lifts up a car. People are shocked when this man knows how to speak Nigerian. Someone made a race track in their backyard.

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    • You were pretty hillarious,but why is it so weird to chinese people to hear their own language from others?

    • @Eugene u and lester everywhere xd

    • Heheheheh 2021

    • @Eugene Where’s Beluga? I like him

    • Your voice is so annoying 😁

  • Noice

  • That dude gonna wake up one day with his guts spilling out

  • The ADHD clip! Wait that was like 2 vids ago.. I can't stop ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯

  • Letter!

  • 1:19 It flew real low

  • Woe to any criminal who tries to hurt that croc’s hooman… 🏃💨 🐊

  • That crocodile looks like my dog, no joke

  • There is no language in Nigeria call Nigerian. Nigeria has diverse languages, and Yoruba happens the be among many. It said, "Yoruba" in the caption.

  • 0:33 lol

  • Omg lol my favourite clip s the guys getting attacked by a chicken

  • The knitting one was pretty good 😁. I like to knit as well

  • i killed my dog

  • The crocodile is very cute, but, cuddling is not a very wise thing to do. Some people raise a ferocious animal and die from it turning on them.

  • That crocodile was realy nice

  • Pretty sure that’s an alligator bc crocodiles have more pointed snouts especially if their babies and that one is too tiny to not be a baby so yeah I think that’s an alligator

  • Cuddle? He's looking at lunch!

  • he also speak chinese

  • Seems like almost every animal likes human touch when they get used to it

  • My favorite clip was the second to last one

  • I kept replaying from 0:22 lol

  • My favorite part was between 0:01-2:32

  • If you pause it just right, you can see that that cat extended it's claws before slapping that lady's face lol

  • @1:41 (A Dog Barks for no reason) *"Is it the Outlet?.. IS it the OUTLET?... Are we Yelling at the OUTLET?....WHAT DID YOU DO?..."*

  • Tornado do be shopping cars.

  • we just gonna brush the fact that he said Nigerian is a language 🧍🏾‍♀️

  • 1:53 WoW

  • That crocodile is soo cute I'd say that's my fav clip

  • those cars went skirr

  • the title should be "when they're too cocky

  • 3:26 I think hes using that one hotwheels car that is also a gopro holder

  • The dog jumping out of the cart, the cat abusing their owner, or yelling at the outlet!

  • When I spoke yoruba my head lifted from my pillow

  • What annoys me is that you said Nigerian lol

  • That girl that got beat up by her cat definitely deserved it lol

    • Cat not only bit her back, but smacked her few good ones to let her know NEVER AGAIN!

  • My favorite was the one with the mom trying to see the mom meme 😄😄😄

  • Now I want a pet crocodile

  • "Honey can you bring my croc from my room" "Don't you mean crocs dea- OH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT"

  • the hen clip!!!:)

  • Crocodile

  • i dont like this video please delete it

  • The cat with the attitude was my favorite !

  • That chair worked awesome. Kinda want to buy that hat or chair

  • The crocodile and self knitting hat were awesome, I can’t pick just one

  • Hey, thank you for sharing! Whenever I have a bad day, I know that I just need to watch your video and feeling better :) thanks.

  • When her mom read the meme but she became a one

  • Crocuddle

  • I wish this guy had a better voice

  • Just a tornado going car shopping, its totally normal

  • I wish I had one

  • That tornado that was picking up some cars is just disrespectful 😭

  • 1:21 OMFG, that couldnt of even been an EF-0, looked more like a water spout and it just slapped the shit out of those cars

  • Croc belike : "Sini cerita sama aku"

  • At least the old guy in the golf cart wasn’t in a real car

  • 1:15 comming through…just picking up some cars on my way home…

  • Awwwww! That’s a cute crock🥰😍

  • memeception was pretty good.

  • My favorite clip was the attacking cat one. Just some craziness catching me off guarded. Exactly what I was needing right now

  • Who set up that camera that videotaped a tornado pick up cars? Damn what a quality job.

  • 1:46 look how upset you're making it!

  • That will be the LAST time that cat does that shit. I would NEVER tolerate that behavior

  • The tornado: F*ck these cars in particular

  • All of the "hell no"s at the pet crocodile.

  • Didn't even know crocodiles were so lovable

  • My favorite clip was the alligator cuddles

  • Not the cat!

  • Anyone can be forgiven and saved if repent and believe in Lord Jesus

  • 2:15 these damn scientists tryna get rid of granny too

  • I enjoyed the crocodile


  • Fun fact that's not a crocodile that's an alligator. Because alligator have U shape mauth and a crocodile have a V shape mouth

  • Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life - and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the gospel


  • That is a car of hot wheels that you can put a Go pro (camera) 1:23

  • knitting hat chair...

  • I loved all clips

  • 1st clip: Australian man pets crocodile. COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HAPPENS IN FLORIDA the pet gaiters and feed em bagels

  • If that croc weighed 50 more pounds I'd be afraid of it lol

  • That second clip had karma doing it’s work

  • Ahhhh isn't that 🐊 croc cute 😍.... He just want to cuttle.....and rip your arms off and eat you when she gets bigger 😉

  • 1:15 "so this is really cool" he says as chaos and destruction happens

  • Awww

  • I live on a small farm and my worst fear is getting chased by a fearless chicken which isn’t scared of your furious stomping

  • Casual pets in Australia be like:

  • The thing I like about daily dose is that he puts the thing in the thumb nail first

  • That chicken was done with humans 😂

  • I’ve never seen a woman scared That the chicken Chase her

  • They crashed because she kept saying good luck

  • 1:41 1:48 yelling at the outlet best part lol almost died laughing

  • The one from Saudi Arabia is fake. The dude is reciting prayers at the beginning and trying to change his voice when he was screaming. It sounds like he's covering his mouth with his hands 🤣 .

  • The chicken part shows the fact that t exes turned into chickens and are not only still scaring animals and people to this day but they not have temp-rays flight to chase their denies of his places.

  • Nigerian is not a language

  • This is the day after my b-day

  • Every video is my favorite ^^

  • can i have it sorry let me rephrase give me that right now

  • Nobody The chicken:GIVE ME THE MONEY BOY

  • This guy is starting to use more expression in his voice and I prefer this to the monotone he has been using

  • I’ve lived my whole life thinking chickens couldn’t fly

  • I like the chair that poops a hat on you.

  • I'm on my new laptop I set it up and went to NOwine to watch you