Chugging Sparkling Water Goes Horribly Wrong

Publisert 15. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you how chugging sparkling water can go horribly wrong.

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Also in this video, a scam caller calls an elevator phone. A guy tries chugging sparkling water without burping. Scientists know how to make lightning strike on command. There is a billboard in Japan with a realistic 3D cat. There are large dandelions.

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  • Those mountains are amazing!

  • introducing.... DA FLYING ANTS!!

  • Caroline

  • Yo those ants can backflip better than me (I can’t backflip ;-;)

  • Everyone's talking about they carbonated water but nobody seems to be talking about how much a disappointment the windows mountain turned out to be. 1:56

  • Now the army can weaponize lightning

  • What do I do? 🦖 BANG

  • 1:35 if the funniest thing ive seen in a while

  • 0:48 The thumbnail video

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  • do ya fase re

  • 1:23 the next war has Ben win

  • I keep watching this video just for the choking guy and I keep hitting rewind until tears come out of my eyes from laughing. I´m a terrible person

  • It's a first. Thumb nail doesn't match first video. Still wonderful.

  • 1:01- (end of the clip) I CRACKED MY LAUGHING


  • Man:omg what do I do (burps) hits head on garage door

  • That mountain view is heavenly...

  • The guy with the sparkling water is very relatable, that"what do i do " moment happened to me

  • Self-yeeting Ant

  • so scientist have recreated the kirin, interesting

  • 0:48

  • Why is no one talking about 1:34😂😂

  • 0:57 HEM HEM 😂😂😂😂

  • The sparkling water dude sounded like there was an exorcism taking place

  • *sparkling water is delicious.* *you can't convince me otherwise..*

  • Ohmygosh what do I d- UHHUHUUHHOOOOUHHHHHH *smack* XD

  • Hey guys x I know that the thumbnail isn’t the first video but here is the time stamp! 00:53


  • 1:05 sorry man I’ve have days as bad as that

  • “ Omg what do I do” smack!! I could not stop laughing 😹😹

  • What do I do "monster voices" smack

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  • 0:50

  • The ants timing is amazing

  • Now imagine if humans could what the ants are doing

  • First time he didn't put a thumbnail video first🤔

  • first time the title and thumbnail isnt the first clip, sadge

  • Ads suck

  • Oh my god I seen this with my dad 😂 😂 😂 when the guy tries not to burp and he hit his face in a garage😂.

  • I feel so sad for the person chugging the water I laughed so hard but now I feel sad

  • Well Benjamin Franklin was one of the few people in recent recorded history to be struck by lightning using a metal rod

  • You need to talk in a normal voice !

  • Anyone else wondering what happened to the guy who chugged sparkling water?

  • 1:41 another clip making my day

  • "what do i do?" *burps* SMACK!

  • The third one made me laugh too much lmao he was like. What do I do!!!! BOOM

  • First time the video doesn't start with the title.

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  • This is the first time the video in the title isn't the first video

  • The moment you share the same name as the cow farting 😂😂 IM CRYING 😭😂

  • I live in Seattle

  • Really? How did they hang a wire on a cloud? (The dangers of misplaced modifiers. Scientists did NOT launch"a rocket into a cloud with a long metal wire attached to it." They launched a rocket with a long metal wire attached to it into a cloud.)

  • Fun fact: you can eat dandelions for food but that’s i you can’t find other food at the moment

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  • Imagine that you are walking in the street and see bouncing ants

  • That man just burped him self in to a wall.

  • bro, that dude made me chug a sparkling water without burping too, but i didn’t burp like he did

  • 1:00 staged fake clip

  • 2:15 damn that company invested in years of technology and resources to make a cat that nobody looks at

  • 1:38 ..

  • fling ants

  • if that Japan billboard wasn't sponsored by Xbox we all know it would be a Pikachu.

  • Cool lighting


  • 0:55 XDDD

  • Love it when u add ur own things in there

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  • "Wha-what do I do?" "RUUUUPPP" Smack I laughed so hard the first time I saw this!

  • its funny how the ants bodies just rag doll lol

  • Face reveal ?

  • your voice is so calming

  • 1:00

  • 2:06 : Is that the Windows XP wallpaper ?

  • The ants look funny but stupid

  • 0:55

  • If I were ever to have a kid I'll tell them the Dandilion wish thing only works if you blow the seeds onto somebody else's yard.

  • his last words was what do i do

  • Scientist happy when sees lightning me sees lightning: runs

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  • You can take a complete Western Salsify and turn it upside down and then dip it into a big glass of water (big enough so sides do not touch cup) and see what happens!! Is very unique. Love nature, and your channel ty

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