Thirsty Faucet Drinks Water

Publisert 22. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, there was something wrong with this person's plumbing which caused their faucet to drink water.

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Also in this video, someone skateboards down a large hill. The deepest pool in the world. . A dog has a difficult time behaving. A person talks to police officers about their ID. Someone rides a large wave on a surfboard. Rock climbers sleep on a side of a cliff.

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Rock Climber Sleep:


Octopus: watch/?v=200...

Skateboard: pCPR4QhYAi2m/

Retractable Claw: liondad_1987

Dog Chomp:


Rock Climber Finger:


Shrimp: pCRMSsmgD7...

Big Wave:

Rest of the videos:


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  • I wanna see a battle between the pool and the faucet.

    • Everyone does now

    • @gyhsntdbb the sun needs vitamin c

    • @ForeverF1 I’m late but Hamilton

    • @ForeverF1 it was racing incident, I have always been Mclaren fan, I am Mclaren fan, I always will be Mclaren fan, I felt very sad at Sochi for my favourite Lando.....he deserved it .....

    • *Y E S*

  • In russia water drinks you.

  • 2:24 that is a real life glow squid and it is a lot cooler then in game

  • no one: this guy and his squirrel: SQUISHHYYYYYYYYY, SQUISHYYYYYYYYYYY

  • *B A D C H I L D R EN G E T P U T I N T H E A B Y S S P O O L T O A T T O N E F O R T H E I R S I N S*

  • The "SQUISHY" got me dying out of cuteness

  • The only reason I watched this is because I was interested to see a tap doing the opposite of what it's meant to do. Then I saw someone go flying because of a wave. Awesome. Also, the glass octopus looked cool

  • Normal person: finds rare creature Normal person: I’m a scientist now

  • Aww the faucet

  • I’m just wondering how they even found out how the faucet can drink water, did they like try feed it water at first to hydrate it or sum?

  • 2:33 that looks straight outta sci-fi

  • Nice

  • What if you roll off the bed

  • Bruh 3:00 is lowkey giving sus vibes

  • The faucet was tired on giving water so the faucet drank water instead

  • Fill the cheeks Squishes!

  • Did you said dubai

  • Everyone: watching the video Me: finding the guy without moustache (I actually found him) lol

  • deadass dog just bit the guys knee just because he stole the pillow 💀💀💀

  • 3:29 he's flipping us off

  • 0:40 Thats the opposite

  • That faucet really sucks.

  • The complex carnation gradually sprout because uzbekistan concurrently supply save a common beautician. roasted, piquant talk

  • i would not want to be a proffesional rock climber ._.

  • 3:17 A wild Anorith appeared!

  • So THAT'S how the water gets in the faucet!

  • The faucet has a logic life

  • 0:29 naw the faucet was just thirsty

  • Give scooby some scooby snacks.

  • ❤❤

  • "That's about the same length as 5 1/2 school busses lined up together" *doesn't realize not every place has the same sized school bus*

  • The faucet "drinking water" is an example of backsiphonage and is one reason why many backflow prevention devices are in use. Imagine that but with a urine filled pool at your neighbour's house pulling the piss through the garden hose through his pipes past his pump and down his well contaminating the aquafer for a dozen homes with his disgusting child's urine. It's possible. People, install a vacuum breaker.

  • the facaut video is prob in reverse

  • 1:44

  • “Five and a half school bus” Huh

  • 2:57 murder mittens! ❤

  • "The is pool is 60m deep" That's almost the size of bertgntlogolt's colossal titan...

  • So you're telling me there's a guy out there who can do thát with a lion's claw, yet when I try it with my cat, I get the bite of death in return?

  • Ew

  • Omg sleeping on a mountain would be so scary for me Too much height And I would like be scared of falling Omg just watching the vid is creeping me out

  • The faucet was thirsty

  • Did the rock climber at the end flip us off?

  • I could never take the professional rock climbing job or anything like that, I like to fall off the bed when I wake Up, big No No for me

  • Me when my friends want to share my snacks: 2:10

  • dam that tap must've been thirsty it chugged all the water in less that 6 seconds

  • I won’t trust my self to sleep like tht

  • imagine your a rock climber, you go to sleep, and roll over, that would be a horrific death

  • I had a seizure trying to read the title for some reason

  • That faucet would be great to prank someone like imagine doing that in front of someone with a completely straight face like it’s normal

  • Sometimes our faucet to drink water

  • 3:20 They remind me of tiny Anomalocaris

  • If you think about it, some rare things aren’t rare they are just sorta hard to find

  • cat: "no, im too scared" "noooo...." "ok, fine." *at possible last second* "oh forget this!" *about to shoot lazers out of eyes* *fly flys away* "aw, dang it!"

  • 2:03 is it just me, or is this squirrel's name squishy? XD

  • 1:42 theres just one big thing that could go wrong, and its all over.

  • faucet: *"ah nah boi! all these years i barf up water for you! now give me some dang water!"*

  • Plot twist:The faucet uno-reverse card and drinks all the water.

  • When your water bill is too high….

  • **thirsty water drinks faucet**

  • that moment when the faucet is more thirsty than you are

  • imagine accidentally rolling off the bed on the side of the cliff

  • i'm sure they just reversed the video of the sink

  • The faucet i have who also drinks water is gonna have a legendary water drinking battle with that mans faucet

  • If I ever go back to visit Dubai I’m definitely going to that pool

  • 2:02 one bad nightmare and your done😂

  • When you leave the faucet on for too long:

  • me watching the proffessional rock climbers at the top of the mountain: *drops a decently big rock on em*

  • 3:08 YO THAT SUS

  • He broke the fucking code the thirsty faucet should be first

  • 1:40 eu sou acrofobico acho que simplesmente só isso já deve ser explicação suficiente

  • I have never seen a squirrel before so im wondering do they actually fill there checks that much

  • When you forgot to pay your water bills

  • Daily Dose I wanna ask smthin! How many times have you gotten copyright claim and copyright strike

  • 0:10 and desert you

  • 0:09 never gonna run around

  • 0:08 never gonna give you up

  • 0:07 got to make you understand

  • 0:06 I just want to tell you how I’m feeling

  • 0:05 you wouldn’t get this from any other guy

  • 0:04 A full commitments is what I’m thinking of

  • 0:03 you know the rules and so do i

  • 0:02 Where no strangers to love

  • 0:01

  • When you use too much water you got to feed the faucet to resupply

  • Every men know how the claw of the lions work. Ya

  • me dying looking at the last scene of the guy using his middle finger to hang up?!

  • thirst water faucet or big pool, WHO WILL WIN?!

  • Everybody gangsta till the rock climbers fall off the bed

  • that rock climber was flipping us off tho

  • 3:01 *breathing intensifies*

  • "This pool in Dubai has a max depth of 60 meters" subnautica players: Those are rookie numbers

    • well to be fair it's a swimming pool not the ocean


    • are you 5 or something

  • Pearents when they sleep on a tall bed: * * no problem * what kids see: 1:46

  • Everyone gangster till DDI doesn’t put the video in the thumbnail first

  • bro that lion vid kinda sus

  • the only video where the one in the thumbnail doesn’t play first

  • 3:31 yeah, THE finger specifically

  • Plumber so bad his installation drinks water.

  • Why is no one talking about the octopus? I fell in love with it the minute I saw it