Dog Uncovers a Furry Friend

Publisert 9. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dog uncovers a furry bunny friend in the grass.

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Base Jump: pCN1_ApEAKbW/

Fishing Bear:

Car Crash:

Wave Crash:

Robber Fly:

Dog & Rabbit:

Cat Scratch:



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Also in this video, an offended llama refuses to eat food. A person is holding a giant fly. A cat looks strange while scratching. A person base jumps off a cliff. A lizard loses its tail. A dog hides a fuzzy ball in its mouth. Two cars run into each other while backing up. A meteor appears over a man's head. A chipmunk is acting very patient.

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  • NOwine: gets mad at him for showing dangerous stunts DDOI: I'm gonna do it again

  • Sad you got into trouble for how dumb people are, it seems from the comments in all your videos that most your viewers are young and kinda...stupid. just an observation

  • People in russia have pet bears, damn

  • A little to big you say

  • 0:25 do y'all ever have dreams like this? Or am I the only one?

  • The cat wants to go to the bathroom


  • While technically still a lizard, thats actually more specifically a blue-tailed skink

  • I wish these vid We’re longer. I want watch more:(

  • Is nobody going to talk about the thumbnail wasn’t the first video? Okay

  • Cat was declawed

  • That poor llama, he should've spit on her, but I guess he decided to take the high road and not sink to her level😤

  • “Did I say something” YOU CALLED HIM UGLY

  • bro wtf is rong with that cat

  • 1:25 AW HELL NAW!!!

  • The bear its not a pet, it he best friend

  • 1:43 cat

  • I can have a pet bear in Russia. See ya guys

  • ok but did the glass break in the ship vid???

  • guy: its a big one.. wave: time to black everything out B )

  • In America we take dogs to park В России берем на медвежью рыбалку

  • I know.. last time you didn't do a disclaimer and I went out there trying to BASE jump immediately inspired by the video 😂 😂 😂

  • "I have some bad news." panik "That is the end of this video" kalm **video ends** panik


  • 1:25 bhad bhabie dat you? 😍

  • "Oh that's a big one" Me: "That's gonna break the glass!" Wave crashes through window

  • the lizard 🤣🤣🤣


  • he lama didnt understand english, there's no need, he was repulsed by the negative energy of ugly human

  • -ohh that's a big one. THAT'S A BIG ONE **S U D D E N D E A T H**

  • In 'Emerica, one takes child to fish. IN RUUSIA YOU TAKE BEAR TO FISH.

  • When he said he took a big bear on a fishing trip, it kind of reminded me of my dog an me. (My dog is MASSIVE) I have a Black Russian terrier named Russkiy and he is basically a 🐻

  • That was awesome! But thumbs down for the google wifi ad.

  • 2:17 America: stay away from bears Russian: Take them on a fishing Trip and serve Them Vodka

  • *Some Russian people were skydiving with their bear while drinking vodka

  • Can robber flies hurt humans in any way?

  • 0:37 did the glass just break?

  • Love that bear in the boat!!! Wow!

  • That robber fly looks like something from a 90s movie

  • sounds like leafy

  • That's some Russian stuff there.

  • Man! If that fly were to land on me, I would flip the fuck out!


  • 1:25 Don't attempt to handle a robber fly because they bite painfully. (I'm an animal expert)

  • A liltle wave : DANGROUSE WAVE

  • My worst enemy the dog

  • 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

  • Bears in america: most not getting along with humans russia: 2:11

  • 0:36 *under the sea plays* Jokes aside are they ok?

  • A pet: Breathes for 1 millisecond Owner: WHAT THE HECK BELLA SHUT UP Pet: imma leave Owner: 😐

  • only in russia

  • The dog is fat XD

  • 2:11 ''Bear pet''... Russia, ladies and gentlemen. If you hear about a ''bear pet'', you're hearing about Russia.

  • “Guys jumping off a literal mountain with actual wing suits” NOwine : yep remove it, I’m tempted to do it.

  • phew im glad its a bunny and not a furry

  • A normal russian peson bringing a bear on a boat maybe she do be drinking some beer

  • That dog looks like a cow ngl

  • 19 doses of internet, out of my overdose


  • That meteor kinda looks like a 5* wish in genshin

  • 1:42 "ehhhgg, time to get them ol' scratchers workin"

  • 2:11 Russia stands for

  • JESUS loves you♥️

  • DDOI: Gets in trouble for showing something dangerous. Also DDOI: Wanna see me do it again?

  • 1:27 Robber flies may look like large mosquitoes but they don't act like them they're not blood feeders and rarely bite humans they actually feed on other insects like mosquitoes

  • That cat looked like Ricky Berwick

  • What I loved abt ur videos was u putted The thumbnail video at the very first of video Now u don't Not cool

  • “Did I say something” “Woman you said more than something”

  • Poor llama he just wanted food

  • i swear 0:23 reminds me of an jumpscare from piggy but i forgot the name

  • 2:16 do i mix it or is that papa stalins pet

  • I read the title completely wrong XP

  • The wave crashing through the window actually happened in my home town a few years ago. The restaurant is called Mobby dicks and is located at the end of a pier

  • 1:48 tbh, idk. My cat does this all the time. Im willing to bet he thinks hes a biscuit

  • 1:06 man, that would've looked so cool if they stopped before they hit and then took off simultaneously

  • I'm happy the bad news was just the end of the video. I feared it would be related to the dog on the swing

  • *sees waves that can easily destroy glass* “Oh damn that’s a big one” *stands and stares at it*

  • I heard some nono words uhm

  • Not having the title as the first vid was jarring, but great video nonetheless 👍

  • i wish he would put the thumbnail as the first video

  • Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life

  • those waves look like me trying to get food

  • Bro wtf that is not a damn fly that is night mare fule

  • I have never in my life see a car backward smooch before.

  • "Can someone tell me why this cat is all scrunched up like this"? From what it *seems* the owner is playing a sound from their phone that the cat might hate hearing. I mean look at her phone. 1:42

  • "oh thats a big one" seconds later he chocked on a octupus when it smashed through the window

  • So, where is the dog and his furry friend???? Is this clickbait from Daily Dose of Internet 😡

  • now what type of shot that shows a dog playing with a furry friend

  • Nobody: Meanwhile in Russia: 2:11

  • Maybe the cat is scrunched because it’s too chunky and can’t lift its little paws :3

  • 0:49 When your kids ask how babies are made, show them this video. "First, you get someone to sit on your shoulders, then you both leap off a cliff, then there's lots of flipping that occurs and long story short, 9 months later we had you!"

  • 1:35 I really thought that was a statue

  • only is russia you see bears as pets

  • :45 seconds... video maker gets in trouble and has to explain the obvious... thanks you tube for being so sensitive .... i will do ANYTHING i see in a video but if someone says these are professionals and its dangerous then i will perhaps consider not doing it....

  • bruh just like cory, youtube don't care about its creators.. Only the money the creators bring.

  • 1:15 wawavothat

  • he didnt say no one was hurt

  • Lama Be like how dare you.

  • do i have permission to burn that weird giant fly thing? 1:25

  • Wow clickbaiter the dog was not even in the video

    • bruh ur just blind it's at 1:34