Guy Delivers Food and then Steals It

Publisert 5. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, some guy delivers food and then comes back to steal it.

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Also in this video, a moose chases after a woman. a dog plays with butterflies. A giant squid goes after a surfer. A dog scares a small frog. A woman breaks spaghetti in front of an Italian person. A professional skateboards on a bridge in Brazil.

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  • I agree with the Italian guy, breaking the pasta is a sin

  • And yet this Italian is not bothered about store bought dried spaghetti.

  • That thief thinking "nobody will be able figure out who stole that food,I'm so smart"

  • Italian guy awesome....

  • 2:01

  • The frog be like rrreeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 0:54 He was watching Point Break and had to have a turn. Keanuuuu!!!

  • Exhibit A: Social media sickness 0:22 When filming the scene is more important than protecting your mother from a potentially deadly situation. Think about that... Getting likes > Mom's life

  • Wow, Uber eats must be a crappy job if he's that hungry.

  • Omg. Breaking pasta is ELLIGAL IN ITALY?!?!? LOL Edit: I had no idea people already commented about it... SORRY IF YOU THINK I COPIED OOPS

  • iu cat de pasta. iu no it is illigal in itali?

  • I agree with the frog

  • “a GIANT SQUID was curious just curious and decided to start grabbing onto this persons surfboard

  • yeah i am italian, but if i dont eat spaghetti with tomato i also cust them (in a lot more pieces) if is with tomato its illegal

  • *Me correcting my posture:* 3:12

  • One question how’d he get up there?

  • 1:17 Even when he was scolding his lady, he sounded romantic. Lucky Sarah. A lot better sounding than the "yo dude, eff this, eff that" kind of guys around here.

  • I bet it's a Florida man

  • XD XD XD XD XD Italian fiance so cute OMG XD XD XD XD “its illegal in Italy” LOOOOOOLLLL

  • what giant squid???? that was baby krakken!!!!

  • 2:01 they want there beat boxer back

  • 2:05 The White Michael Winslow.

  • Notice the vulture in the foreground, also on the bridge in Brazil...he's seen this before...

  • 1:47 imagine that person is you 😫💀

  • 0:38 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • 1:28 the sheer ignorance! how can somebody be so uneducated?

  • I don't care what is illegal in Italy...

  • *Come on my love..* *Go in the pan or else.*

  • How the fuck did that skateboarder get up there 😅

  • Has the girl never seen how you can put spaghetti into boiling water upright and within seconds will soften up and all fit in the pot as you give it a little stir? The water isn't even boiling yet! She's just trying to get out of cooking once they are married.

  • When your young and your mum says no to games 1:10

  • Girl: breaks spaghetti **Davie504 wants to know your location**

  • Narrator: The giant squid was curious. Giant squid in reality: Get yo plastic outta my ocean!!

  • He thought he was slick 💀

  • The Mussolini of Macaroni just ain't havin' it! He's the Pol Pot of the boiling pot! The Castro of the Gastro, the Idi of Linguine! The Fauci of Fettucine! The Pinochet of Primavera! Help me I can't stop! The Noriega of Gnocchi! The Tojo of Tortellini!

  • Saying it is illegal to cut pasta in Italy is the most Italian thing I have heard in my life.

  • I always breaking the spaghetti.

  • 1:13 till now i thought only humans get voice cracks

  • There is NO need to break spaghetti if your pan is too small (as hers was). Just put one end in the water and wait a moment; it'll soften and then you can put more of the length in. (Better yet, of course, is to use a taller pot and more water.)

  • the italian dude tho XDDDD

  • 0:39 Such a Cliche scene, yet so rare...

  • As an Italian if I do that in front with my parents they gonna kill me

  • stole the food? you sure he didn't not get paid?

  • LMAO I had no idea that was illegal in Italy

  • 1:06 LOL

  • This is very good

  • 1:08 Younger siblings at slightest touch.

  • Ma Dai means come on

  • The giant squid was not curious he was controlled by a parasite

  • Cant trust them Uso Uber food delivery drivers

  • The beat boxing is fake

  • It’s a kraken in training!!!!

  • Holy shit, the black dog scares me

  • what kinda idiot would try to scare off a moose

  • how dare you assume the guy who delivered and the guy who stole are the same person???? theyre not even wearing the same clothes! How dare you!?

  • POV: You said “You too” to the delivery man.

  • 1:10 Me when I see how much homework I have

  • 1:08 Dog: Nudges Frog: FNAF 1 SCREAM

  • 1:07 me when i voice crack


  • for that skateboarder um, how did he get there in the first place?

  • You know what's a good idea, keep your orange ski mask in your back pocket while you drop the food off lol

  • 6.1m people hmm yes

  • plot twist: he delivered it to the wrong house and didnt want people to know he fucked up

  • no one will talk about how the guy's beats were.

  • That frog is a liberal

  • guy on a surfboard: ohhh a giant squid giant squid: Food???

  • His reaction when she broke the pasta broke my heart.💔

  • *sweats* "Y-yeah!!! Don't break the pasta before putting it in the pot... I sure as hell would never do that!..."

  • At least he didn't eat it and then deliver it.

  • Me seeing giant squid 🐙 FOOD 👁👅👁

  • Lol, trolling an Italian by breaking pasta, that's almost cruel 😝

  • That food thief should be whipped!

  • Id eat that giant squid anytime

  • why was the rope tied around the squid?

  • 2:57 a great example of covid just pretend covid is the seal and the fishnis people

  • Dude at 2:10 is literally doing music by Shpongle. Lmao amazing.

  • I'm italian and I always break spaghetti in half

  • 1:00 OH SSHHHHTTT id pass away😢

  • Legit happened as I was in highschool, snap the pasta in half then the Italians were staring at me pens drawn.

  • That douchebag really thought he could just take his jacket off and put a mask on, and no one would notice it's him?

  • What are those things around the seal? Edit: I just noticed those are fish, lol

  • moose

  • 0:52 - that squid wasnt curious, it was dying

  • Not so fun fact: they killed the squid

  • 1:38 You know it is illegal in Italy, yes like working without be vaccinated with that poison of Pfeizer and Moderna

  • Why is no one talking about the giant squid bruh it’s insane

  • I cant tell if that italian guy was actually super passionate about it or if he was just a really good actor.

  • That's so cool. Hell nah, you know them fuckers can drag you down like nothing right?

  • 1:43 all fun in games until a pebble appears

  • Imagine how messy it would have been if that skateboarder fell...yeah.

  • 2:55 me around girls

  • 0:46 I thought you were more professional. He wasn't being curious, he was dying and clinging to whatever.

  • Barely any comments here about Balistix, it’s always so crazy to me how beatboxing just goes over people’s heads whenever it’s presented to them, like have any of you ever tried to make any of those sounds yourselves?😂

  • Food App: Your order will be there shortly. Driver: So you want your cake and eat it too...................

  • That surfboard with the octopus, was like the kraken 😵‍💫

  • 2:01 eyyy balistix

  • That seal got schooled.

  • 1:22 orgoglio italiano

  • 1:04 Squid: Would you like to fly or die?