Bird Shows Up at the Worst Time

Publisert 26. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a seagull runs into a teen while on a slingshot ride.

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Cat Walk: AriestheCatA...




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Faithful Mission by Artificial.Music
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  • That Bonsai tree forest is amazing

    • Ya

    • @Sabarinath Ramesh Hey Sabarinath. Thank you for your motivating comment! Hope you have a nice day my friend ( :

    • Keep up the good work bro

    • Its beautiful! MAy it grow nicely for another 40 years! Or 80. Or forever.

    • It’s like a mini world

  • 1:02 Grievous cat

  • That's why I'm scared of birds alot

  • bro she literlly was confused

  • At 2:48 what will happen if you put your hand in front of that

  • Girl no manners humman these days man

  • That dude went PLOP. 🤣🤣

  • Wow what King Kong looking toy was that ?

  • How are they so sure that poor kitty isn't in pain

  • Wait so normally if that would happen it wouldn’t be able to fly so was see just gonna kill it?

  • Lol she was like I’m getting you of my dude

  • Instant laugh @0:58

  • The fish said yeet

  • That cat with the legs is so cute I want to adopt I’m glad that he’s not hurt

  • 0:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • 0:43 i just feel bad for the poor guy, he's just trying to water his plants ;-;

  • The bird really hugged her tight

  • 1:45 so nobody is gonna talk how much of a bop this part is?


  • Monke

  • 1:00 look at dis dood


  • 2:12 im so jealous of them having that occamy funky pop

  • 1:03 spider cat!!

  • My mouth just don't stay closed for these videos 😅😅😅😅

  • Bird: ay bro watch yo jet, watch yo jet bro WATCH YO JET


  • Poor Bird

  • If that’s was me i would to ded

  • I did that once but with a wasp on my eye lid in first grade. It’s such a vivid memory for me

  • 2:11 this person is so badd

  • Probably because the rides are going to high disguise yes probably making the burgers coming the worst time

  • girl be like i will ya yeet this bird

  • How the brid got stuck🤣🤣 he’s like help meh then she’s like GET OFF

  • i’m in the thumbnail

  • The second guy just wanted to water his plants

  • Dat fish yeeted

  • 0:24 She literally threw the bird like it was nothing 🥲🥲🥲


  • 2.56 really made me chuckle, funny as fluck 🤣

  • 😂

  • The fact that the seagull is also trying to move makes it more funnier.

  • 1:21 Mmm, Tasty fish 😻

  • 0:59 g o r r i l a

  • Omg

  • This was on the news

  • 2:06 i guess that's how nokia made their ringtones

  • That bird scared the girl more than than rolar coaster

  • That police has some impressively loud vocals

  • This is the last 3 minute video

  • 01:01 imagine seeing this lunging at you 💀

  • What the dog doin


  • Just ask Fabio🤣🤣😍🤣 (NOwine search for Fabio gets hit by a bird riding Apollo Chariot at Busch Gardens🤣🤣🤣)...

  • Help, im dying. THE BIRD. THE GIRL. AAAAA

  • I find that walk cool

  • Ew

  • This was the last 3 minute video. He lacking now

  • I would freak out

  • 1:54 this has to be my new ringtone

  • I love when my cord breaks to my headset and then my cord starts playing electrical music.

  • Like I normally lie at vids bc they don’t make me laugh but I think “*oh this is my sense of humor but I’m not laughing but I will just say I’m laughing*” BUT THIS MADE ME WHEEZE

  • 1:41 holy shit

  • Basically this is how it went: "Wait, ill continue screaming after i get the seagull off of my face"

  • 2:42 cyberpunk 2077 be like:

  • 2:14 This is Namjoon after 40 years with his Bonsai forest

  • Cartoons in roller coasters be like: 0:14 0:15 0:16

  • Well, if you wanna call that music.

  • $5 says that bird was more shocked than that girl. Bird was just minding his own business and someone threw a whole RIDE with people on it at him! 🤣

  • Is that girl near the end okay? It looked like the bottle cap probably nailed her in the face, possibly in the eye :( and also I feel so bad for that koi fish, for a fish to yeet itself out of an aquarium like that they’re usually under a lot of stress, the tank is probably overcrowded or he’s being bullied by the other fish. Literally a suicide attempt because they can’t deal with the environment in the tank.

  • Hey I’m flying here”

  • Guy: happy birthday Girl: wtf Seagull: wtf

  • I think the bird just wants a hug😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:23 the fish is completely fine

  • I think the bird is not worst but that don’t know anything girl is the worst girl ever I hate her

  • your vids are getting way way better! I always laugh and and I enjoy watching your vids keep up the work man 👍😄

  • I got tears in my eyes, she just YEETS the bird 🐦

  • What instrument do you play? *“Electricity”*

  • 2:09 bruh thats just.. nah mate

  • 1.05 the bystander cat expression was like WTF did i saw just now~

  • 1:47

  • 1:31 looks like it's acted, the camera person isn't even half surprised and just smirks.

  • funny parts 00:10- funni 00:54- crying out of laughter 01:01- spider 01:33- man died from fall damage 02:08- AAAAAAAAAAAAA 02:52- whepd crem

  • The first clip😂 bird thought wtf happened to me ? Why am I stick in sky ?🤣🤣

  • **Person peacefully watering his plants** Police: *GET ON THE GROUND,GET ON THE GROUND!*

  • I would probably cry if I hit a bird while on a rollercoaster. Like it would be an ugly scream crying probably because I feel like that would freak me out.

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  • Jesus shit, the first two videos

  • 1:47

  • electronic music 1:50

  • Human NOwine: Bird Shows Up at the Worst Time Bird NOwine: Girl Shows Up at the Worst Time

  • 3:00 Zorro took over his outro

  • 1:40 i like this one

  • Doesn’t that mean that the wire is a musical instrument?

  • 0:52

  • that government drone tried to kamikaze her

  • That girl is rude to the bird why she throw it ? she can just wait for it to fly away.

  • That guy who made the music with those two items IMPRESSIVE!

  • 2:44-2:49 you can never be at the sign of engineer what the f***