The Dentist Paralyzed Half Her Face

Publisert 16. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dentist used too much numbing agent and froze her face.

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Also in this video, a cat snuggles under the ear of a dog. A man saves his drone from falling into the water. A man returns the wrong dog to a house. A man rips off his shoes. A baby that loves HDMI cables. Someone rolled a cookie onto an elevator.

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  • Why were they scared of a cookie

  • 0:33 there is something that resembles a dead fish on the left side of the video or am i crazy?

  • Man saves the drone but it ran out of battery while the camera still filming.

  • No mention of the big dead fish just floating in the water near the guy with the drone.

  • the dentist should lose their licence

  • Cool!

  • raawalalalalalaalalwwlwllalawl

  • Must hurt not being able to bling 2 and a half hours Edit: blink*

  • The terrifying cookie

  • Captions 1:00

  • i literally came from the dentist rn and i have a part of my lip under anesthesia and i can't use that lip or can't even feel pain

  • It's hard to blame the dentist when nature already gave up on you.

  • 2:14 The kid do be dribbling a lot

  • Wow 🤩

  • I think her biggest concern having half a numb face would be not being able to blink her eye. I'm sure it got really dried out.

  • Here's the reason why you should be scared of the dentist.

  • that doctor was probably still a student

  • 00:11 We might not look like that when we go to the dentist and get the needle, but it sure feels like it for the next two hours!

  • Dunno why but this is one of my favorite DDOI videos. Thanks for making my days better.

  • Dude that cat is rapping bro

  • i mean HDMI 2.1 is an amazing spec what kind of person wouldn't want to cuddle with it?

  • i lost it when he said: 'this car has a human windshield wiper' lmfao

  • 2:07 it is evolving, just *F R O N T W A R D S*

  • Imagine having half your face paralyzed solid like that but for 3 months instead of two hours. That's what happened to me, also including undesired lasting effects. Damn Bell's Palsy...

  • 0:13 if you just close her left side of a face(which is paralyzed) with your hand, you can see her real face.

  • only the BRA was more attractive in this video lol

  • REALLY DUDE just shut up because your voice is HORRIBLE

  • The Guy Whos Swam On The River Didn't Notice The Dead Fish On His Right

  • Drone guy was lucky the geese didn't go after him, lol. And 0:31 that's a big ass dead fish on the left

  • lmao the ducks tried to help the guy who saved his drone from falling

  • fake!!

  • But it wasn’t a cookie was it m8

  • I love that baby. He is gonna grow up loving computers. *single tear of pride falls*

  • dumb baby likes HDMI over DisplayPort, smh

  • A guy being a windshield wiper Me: ....

  • Dudes after they get their Johnson and Johnson Jab

  • this is gonna catch up my dreams tonight

  • you know you hit the slam dunk of a lawsuit

  • i had my face half paralyzed when i went to the dentist as a kid

  • Did the dentist injury the facial nerve?

  • 1:17 Pretty sure that it's the babyhood video of LinusTechTips.

  • Her right eye couldn't blink, I wonder if she had problems following the video.

  • I'm glad that dude was able to catch his drone. 2:13 Those two staring at each other is hilarious.

  • For a split second i was like were is the drone i dont see it then it set in

  • great now I'm not scared of dentist but rather ... terrified

  • The first video was funny when her face was staying still

  • FFS, this happens when you have anaesthetic. She'd have whined if he didn't use enough, kin millennials !

  • "Always trust the establishment", they said "What could ever go wrong?", they said


  • Looks like bells palsy..

  • why were they scared of a cookieee

  • question is would you still smash

  • So cute and funny lol

  • I hope that girl was told to manually close her eyelid every few minutes because having your eye open for 2 hours is not great for your eye.

  • This reminds me of when I got my cavities filled and I couldn't speak. It took my mom a slap across my face to get me talking normally.

  • reminds me of whorton hears a who when the mayor guy got his arm paralysed

  • Fake as hell.

  • The dentist girl could have been the new Joker in a Batman movie, if she hurried up to get to Hollywood before it went back to normal. The human windscreen wiper must have been in Poland?

  • 1:24 That kid gonna accomplish something, someday

  • isee yougis vr vr suun, liter

  • Is that "Harvina Dent"?

  • lmfao, no lady no. half your face being paralysed isnt going to give you that two-face style grin. quit faking

  • Lol looks like half of its face is part of her sister but actually paralyzed

  • ye but why does the cat sound like donald the duck-

  • nobody else saw the dead fish when the guy was trying to save his drone ….?


  • At 0:28 did anyone notice the dead fish?? D:

  • 2:12 The baby is processing wth is going on in the airplane LMAO

  • 17 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • Omg

  • 0:05 Thats what you get fo bein a liberal thug 👍🏼

  • 1:40 A fox trying to eat a Photographer 😂🤣

  • 1:29 this baby is gonna be a gamer when he grows up

  • 1:23 Ah yes a man of culture

  • Lot of instances of people getting bells palsy as a result of the covid vaccine

  • mean later?

  • Is no one gonna talk about the cat having a stroke? It was literally asking for help and just had a camera shoved in its face

    • ROFL. It's just an angry cat. "a stroke". SMDH

  • 0:28 can’t be the only one to spot the dead fish in the pond?

  • i would love the ability to find awesome things on the internet.

  • *C O O K I E B O M B*

  • Confucius say, baby who sleeps with HDMI cable is well-connected.

  • 1:25 the baby is the gamer baby

  • F

  • 2:00 ประเทศเราสินะ

  • Theres a dead fish floating in the first video

  • That baby… flipped the hdmi cable pack *smooth* my whole life went smooth for that very moment 🤣🤣

  • what the dog doin?

  • did we all just overlook the fact that dude was car surfing while wiping the window in pouring rain thats some talent

  • @ 0:30, not the dead fish…..

  • People in the elevator: *OH MY GOD THIS COOKIE IS TERRIFYING* Me, who has a cookie pfp: **sad cookie noises**

  • Man the human windshield, he is the true man

  • If you need a lot of anaesthesia it will “paralyse” your face as your nerves become too numb to cooperate with muscle control. Anybody who’s had a good knock of anaesthesia will experience this. It was “paralysed” for 2.5 hours? That’s fuckin nothing I could barely move my face for the entire PM after my wisdoms were taken out.

  • are we not gonna talk abt the dead fish in the drone one

  • 0:50 "Who is dog is this?" ... Try "whose" next time ;)

  • It was funny when a person rolled the cookie and people got scared and screamed also it was funny when the fox tried eating the human

  • Ok, you guys have to try this. I covered half her face with my hand to really get the contrast. It took it to a whole new level.

  • The dentist: We do a lil trollin

  • You know that baby gunna make a whole new type of computer when he sleeping with a hdmi cable

  • 0:31 is that a dead fish on the left wdf

  • What the fxck did I just watched.... How the fxck do I keep ending up on trash channels likes this.