Dog Smashes through Glass Door

Publisert 12. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dog smashes their head through the front door.

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  • Best video made on this channel 1000%

  • Dogs are so stupid

  • 1:00

  • 1:47. i saw that animation earlier than you how is it possible

  • 1:19. HOWWW????

  • The ups: ahh got the package now gonna set it on the porch. My dog: OH HELLO the ups: ahhhhhhh hello

  • 1:03 his reaction😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • The dogs fight lol

  • Bahahah that was the be fart made

  • Why mailman's are scared of dogs

  • 1:00 was my favorite XD


  • We learned you used a phoney fake co2 graph that has nothing to do with reality!

  • I'm the attom bomb yea maybe but not natural

  • 1946 26 feet from sea level not 500m cam on

  • what da dog doing

  • 0:59 code miko was a video game dev so she have the capacity and skills to do such things. But the result is really impressive, never udnerstyood why she kept being banned from twitch.

  • 1:00 “Hey Buddy! You want this cheese it?” **multiple papers shredding very fast at the same time sound effects**

  • The mouse weeeeee

  • Dog:FBI Open Up

  • All of that for one cheezit

  • Jesus loves you so much he died for you give your life to him and ask for forgiveness

  • 2:37 Cow: Good evening.

  • 1:14 people find this interesting?

  • Plot twist: The dog who wanted to steal the cheez it busted down the door to get the ups driver

  • The cheezit dog part made me cry it was so funny

  • You want this cheezit AAAAAAAAAAAA 😂

  • 1:03

  • 2:01 thats why i love Fpv

  • dog rly said dont go near my house u stranger!

  • 1:24 it feels weird hearing him feel sadness

  • It’s the circle of life

  • I JuSt wAnTeD To KnOw If YoU wAnTeD ThE cHeEsE iT

  • 1:00

  • Ayo buddy

  • Holy

  • 2:01 using elytra through a cave

  • i like how nobody is talking about the driveway

  • Me and the boys when there's only one slice of cake left: 1:03

  • 0:14 Ayo What The Dog Doin?

  • The dog: mail time, mail time, mail time, here's- *busts out*

  • bruh the one when the 2 dogs fight is my fav

  • I hate you daily you had put the mouse in f u!!!

  • Dude should have given that dog their ball back

  • 2:01 animation says 1946 lituya bay tsunami...thats wrong , it 1958

  • 0:31 it not only struck EXACTLY where she pointed it, but the timing was perfect too. thats like a million in one chance,

  • Legend says the dog is still waiting for his ball to come back

  • 2:37 aaaaaaaaaaaaand time to change the pants

  • Dawg

  • The thumb nail was the perfect example of pictures before disaster

  • Hjk


  • 1:18 - I really need to hear "Luckily nobody was hurt" rn


  • 1:24 theres a literal doorway, and he dosent see it?

  • The mouse toy and rat was so cute 🥺 i love rodents-

  • Short yet ALWAYS WORTH WATCHING…// Sorry for yelling

  • Problem with graf is that it looks unreal and thats cause they kinda cheat it start from 277 not 0

  • only dog videos from here

  • Shahid bye like haha van don ff duidelijk


  • 1:00 ¿what is the clip called?

  • Dude that door glass is fragile af. Had the same one or very very similar one when I was little, and it broke whenever my sister and I raced to the door and she stopped herself with her hands and it broke.

  • 1:04 got me laughing so hard xD

  • Is the dog okay 🥺

  • “AY CUT IT OUT, I just wanted to know if you wanted a Cheezit” *starts crying*

  • 1:00 ay yo buddy you Cheeser foo in the end AYYYY OH MY GOD LOL

  • I mean that’s dog wanted to get pet


  • 1:19 reject humanity return to *banana*

  • 0:31 lucky moment😊

  • Damn

  • 3:03 Nadwe with Monika body pillow

  • Daily dose dosent talk about that the dog is fine like he always dose so the dog is ded

  • i don't know who had the time to measure the tsunami😂

  • 1:01

  • Can we just talk about the vast difference between the two mouse clips 😭

  • The courier is so sexy

  • Lamoo all that guy said was "damn"

  • You need a better door not with glass at bottom. Hope the dog is ok.

  • The dog was like do you think this puny glass can stop me

  • i liked the one when the kid/Child/Teen/Adult Tried to give the dogs a cheese it lol

  • 1:00 me and my siblings fighting over food

  • Fake

  • 1:02 “ I just wanted to know if u wanted a cheez it”😂

  • Mailman: “Here you go” Dog: where tf is my doggy door?

  • I didn't learn anything new but this was an entertaining video. Thanks.

  • Dog:mom dont get it it’s my day to

  • Is it weird that as an Australian I thought those tsunamis looked less and less *"surfable"* then less survivable?

  • Dogs are so stupid, the doors never lie. Cats are the smartest they can scare ghosts.

  • God loves all of us so much He came into the flesh to die and rise so that if we choose to believe in His eternal love we may be gifted eternal life through the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross

  • You sound like a news reporter or some shit.

  • the dog: you ringed the bell

  • I'd jump thru glass for him too. Woof.

  • Lmaoooo my best friend is here

  • What the dog doing?

  • 1:00 I'm generally forgiving when these Tic-Tokers/Viners/etc. make Food Aggression joke videos because they aren't usually responsible for training the dog and likely don't know better. But not sniffing out Food Aggression ASAP when acquiring the dog is the fastest way to get somebody hurt and that dog put down. Those dogs are relatively small, but even then it really takes it attacking 1 person not cool with getting bite for no reason for problems to arise really quickly. One of our kennels in my area 2ish years ago had a massive controversy revolving around our area's Dog owners not giving a crap about properly training there dogs, food was dropped, the Normal dogs (including ours) trotted over to eat some, and about 6 dogs just started attacking everyone. Our family didn't push anything (though tbf our dog by no means got the worst of it and I think we did get at least partial payment of injury expenses offered by the Kennel) but from the last I heard some of those dogs were facing serious chances of being put down, as they were older, bigger dogs, that likely weren't going to unlearn that habit (and some of them 'allegedly' had a biting history) As a philosophy, I don't ever tell people what they can and cannot find funny based on what I don't like or find offensive, because that's stupid and forces rather then informs, which only pisses people off and hurts your argument, but I do think a LOT of people don't really understand what's happening in those clips and as a result don't comprehend the reasons dog trainers get anxiety attacks and aren't laughing. Therefore, I would encourage people to not make joke videos encouraging their dogs to behave in ways that should've been trained out of there system a long time ago.

    • @The Apologist 👍

    • @Durra Mira man, that passive cut got me internally dying lol.

    • @The Apologist nah its fine, you really have alot of time.

    • @Durra Mira Too serious/"Wet Blanket" for a DDOI video? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 😅

    • what in the -

  • Dog was on steroids

  • Carbon dioxide or stock market?