Delivery Guy Shocked When Chimp Opens Door

Publisert 20. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a chimp orders a pizza.

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Water Illusion: 609river

Racoon: rejectedstar

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Also in this video, a raccoon is in a dumpster. A person sneaks up on a person during an airsoft competition. An optical illusion of throwing a rock into a lake. A window falls down during construction.

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  • This was the best one in a while, at least to me

    • @starnuts 123 yes

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet OMG

    • Same

    • Hell yeah it is! I also was gonna write the same thing until I saw your comment

    • It is actually.

  • Ok that’s cool and all but are we not gonna talk about the chimps drip!

  • This video had everything, aww, ooh, haha, oh no. Thanks for posting.

  • 2:10 Is he recording on sky island?

  • So thats nota monke thats a person with a dog in their shirt

  • When the big dog shows up: “Are we gonna have a problem here?”

  • What game is that at :50?

  • That chimp looks better than me XD

  • At 00:27 the lady in the backround swore

  • 2:08 so cool like waves

  • You have helped me so much thru my depression

  • small goat: *Being a goat* big goat: "Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!"

  • That horned goat was so mean I hope the baby goat it okay because that looked like a very hard hit

  • 😩

  • You ought to change the video title to "Delivery lady...".

  • 0:50 At least he gave his his mag back.

  • Goats are cute and you can't change my mind.

  • nice kid

  • 1:17 I remember same thing happened to me and my friend, if she hadn't noticed it falling on us, we'd probably get injured, if not dead

  • what the fck closed the chimps door?

  • Okay so about that first video. That is basically animal abuse. I don't know the story behind it so I could be wrong but having chimps as pets isn't cool. Second, they are incredibly dangerous animals. He could easily rip someone's face off.

  • ... and rips his face off.

  • 0:25 **takes a shotgun** I just want to talk to that goat

  • The way he ran 😭😂😂😂

  • Was I the only one who head the you mother f***er on the one where to animal squished the other?

  • The way he nods

  • Where can I go to see that view at the end of the video?

  • Those clouds looked like water

  • 0:34 raccoons be like: not today

  • The poor goat and the disrespect on from the airsofter givong back the mag he used.

  • actually scary af, aren't chimps dangerous? not as bad as but kinda like surprising the delivery guy with a tamed tiger.

  • 0:19 she leaves fast

  • Nahhh man he did the bro dirtyy

  • This was very good one

  • that chimp was creepy looking in those clothes....also why that lady seemed excited to deliver

  • 0:47 that little ow...

  • Lmao that baby goat got bleeped

  • Pizza delivery guy probably thought that he was still tripping from the night before.

  • 0:10 Me ordering pizza after not leaving my house for 2 years since quarantine

  • I really thought that the guy that helped out the guy from enemy lines was a statue lol

  • That chimp part is cool but it’s actually incredibly dangerous for the chimp. The organs in its body are designed basically to hang inside of its body so when it stands it’s organs are being forced down and squishing each other. It is why they typically walk on all fours and rarely if ever walk on two legs.

  • Im pretty sure the pizza delivery guy is Chimpophobic.

  • That's actually very dangerous to have a chimp answer the door on an unsuspecting pizza delivery employee. Chimps can tear your face off man like that not cool! 😳😠They are still wild animals that are unpredictable and anything could have triggered that chimp to attack her.

  • 1:54 Does This Guy Bothering You?

  • @2:06 Skypia

  • 0:24 How dare you!

  • wait hold the phone in the video of the goat raming another goat for attention. Did one of the women say the f word

  • hornygd approves

  • hes not a chimp, hes a champ

  • Delivery guy: eh, used to it. Cya later

  • looks more like a woman with short hair

  • Puppy: stay back or i bite u Goat (or idk):nah we got horns now u must D.I.E Bulldog:say what? Goat (or idk):O_O Retreat!


  • You rock.

  • Ah yes it is very normal to see a chimp answer the door

  • 2:07 oh wow! That’s in Tenerife, Spain, where I currently live! I totally recognize the Teide mountain in the background. I think I’ve been to that exact same lookout

  • Good gun etiquette. Pointing gun in safe direction.

  • What’s with all the comments guys it’s just a chimp buying pizza have you never seen that before

  • 1:46 everything could have gone worse

  • 0:25 that bufflow is toxic😔

  • That chimp used telekinesis to open and close that door

  • monke detected

  • 2nd clip just ruined my day

  • 2:05 this one is a fake because the sun is not moving

  • That poor little goat😪

  • 7 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • When you became a monke but u don't find any food

  • That Bulldog Must've Been a Bouncer in the Past

  • Lmao the bb gun one was hilarious

    • I love how DDOI has the most positive subscribers in the comments. Everyone talking about the cute or funny stuff and here I am just thinking of how there were 2 NEAR DEATH experiences we just witnessed 😱 those were the ones that stood out to me at least...does that mean something is wrong with the way I think?😞

  • I thought yiou meant cipmunk

  • I thought the clouds moving were strong waves

  • It seems that the quality of your videos has declined. Why would you include a baby goat getting headbutted, a toddler nearly killed by falling snow and another potentially lethal falling debris in your videos? Just don't put out videos if they're going to be trash

  • Y e s

  • Imagine trying to climb downhill with those couds

  • Kind of a dick move shooting the guy point blank like that. Could've just barrel tagged him or something. Still funny though


  • 0:27 I think that's the first time I've heard a cuss word in a Diddoi video

  • It's really interesting

  • E

  • Так много видео из России

  • Chimps are getting too smart

  • With raccoons, I laughed the most

  • 1:45 You heard of dad reflexes. Now check out mom reflexes xD

  • 0:27 swOOORE

  • Monke

  • Chimp: aye yo the pizza here!

  • 0:34 Lol (repost because stupid idiot bots came to my comment get a life and a real girl if your one of them)

  • I think this little goat screaming was the cutest thing ever

    • Ah yes a goat screaming in pain just what I like to hear

  • Monke gib money, pizza guy gib pizza Perfect society

  • 0:26 oh my God, you little fucker! Everyone agreed with that

  • 0:23 😂😂😂ist killing me 0:26

  • Me who wants to return to monke, is very happy seeing this video

  • i am severly afraid of chimpsso i would be out of there at the first glimps

  • I'ma be honest I'd kick that ram for hurting the baby like that

  • Wavesssss I'm binge watching you

  • 00:28 - (Background) "You little fu(ker..."

  • The monke video got recommended to mr literally today

  • 1:41 Not all heros wear capes