They Made a Tornado Inside Their House

Publisert 12. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, someone made a tornado inside their house.

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Cat Trash:


Car Crash:

Crazy Driver: mitruckguy




Dog Kiss:

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Also in this video, a crab uses a plastic bottle as a shell. A bear tries to bite someone's leg. A man fails at punching a bag. Someone forgot to turn the water off and flooded the yard. A car crashed into a tattoo parlor. A cat loves to bring trash into the house.

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  • That one guys laughter went from 0-100 real quick 😂

  • Very off topic, not gonna lie.

  • and that kids is the closest tornado you'll ever see

  • What I love about this channel is that whatever he shows in the thumbnail, it's the one he shows us first... Unlike Serum ://

  • One tap water= whole earth flood

  • 1:35 mickey mouse on crack

  • The bridge

  • what kind of heartless pos who would laugh like that seeing trafic accident

  • -Mom i wanna see a tornado +We Have Tornado At Home Tornado At Home :

  • it's alll fun and games until the tornado swallows the house

  • It’s all fun and games until the tornado goes out the door

  • How do you turn your fan in reverse.

  • everyone gangsta until the homemade tornado spreads outside

  • 2:00 Millions of years and animals still don't know what a shadow is

  • The bear: *sniff sniff* hmm he seams tasty

  • I like it

  • Imagine your in the bridge xd

  • Dudes laugh is from a villain laughing badly

  • I love how all of his subscribers invent the biggest things.

  • It’s all fun and games until the Tornado starts getting bigger. ye.

  • If ur comment is below mine, yours isn’t pinned lol.

  • ef -1

  • A normal bridge in russia.

  • At least the crabs are recycling human-made waste

  • the bridge: ima head out

  • everybody gangsta till Daily Dose of Internet doesn't say "Luckily, no one was hurt"

  • The tornado was epicc

  • It’s all fun and games until the tornado gets bigger and bigger

  • bear just wanted a piece ;D;D

  • 0:52 the bear be like " Lemme taste him"

  • TIR NADO MEdadda

  • my heart absolutely melts through these......especially the animal ones

  • that one moment when you know russian :

  • I can say so much about the crab, but he just has too much drip

  • GONZO!

  • That's so cool

  • Teach me da ways 0:06

  • When he mentioned the water bill 😭

  • 18 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • I laugh so hard when the russian brat say blat word lol

  • 1:31

  • .

  • Wow that’s a cute tornado

  • 0:48 my cat literally does this pretending he’s nice then just goes sicko mode

  • So many suburban mum relate to that crab

  • That crab is non-binary

  • Mmhhmmm yes your water bill is very high (insert British accent) STF SIRI NO ONE ASKED U

  • Sounds like Mr bean gonna fall down

  • well gg

  • People better respect that cat, it's doing a public service! Litter is no joke

  • BEFORE THE VIDEO STARTED I GOT AN AD ABOUT A CRAPPY GAME AND IT LITERALLY WENT LIKE: “Oh wow, this game is so fun. My girlfriend is addicted to this game. So is my cat. He passed 300 levels already. And then away.” 😭😭😭

  • The bear was like," me take a different approach other than charge at him." Bites him

  • Crab out here giving free advertising

  • All that tech to measure and what not. When all you need to do it measure once and put a block and a clap at the size you want and you can cut hundreds of the same length

  • you sshould wath a mech legs tutorial

  • That tornado was a professional weed smoker showing off.

  • Evolution of DDOI: See you again, very, very, soon. Later! See you again, very very soon. Later! See you again, ver-ver soon. Later! See you again ver-ver soon. Later!

  • I need to try to make that tornado

  • RIP Bedroom bugs -Died of tornado

  • Lil Ty Lenol

  • 0:34 oh no our bridge its broken

  • Even crabs know how to recycle.

  • 1:38 what a sence of humor

  • 0:59 the water bill is going to be up for you

  • i love science i hate math 😆


  • The tornado sus ya know

  • Tornado-


  • 1:37 when you steal a extra goldfish graham cracker

  • His voice is so.. Calming

  • How do we remove the tornado

  • 0:36 the true beauty of our nature…. Moral: Never trust someone someone by their beauty

  • 0:43 reminds me of how bears came from a type of dog way too much tbh

  • So there's a giant ceiling fan in the sky then..

  • Hey that crab at the end is a doctor

  • 1:33

  • Respecc for those cute lil penguins :3

  • I like the hose meme

  • 0:19 this guy is dangerous

  • 1:33 this is how hank laugh

  • I want a tornado in my living room

  • I vibe with the Tylenol snail

  • Everybody gangsta until the tornado gets bigger

  • 1:17 Reminds me of my cat who loves to bring everything she hunts to her owners, and then she makes us watch as she proudly eats her glorious prey.

  • Here we go again

  • Damn that’s crazy

  • 1:40 when she says her parents arent home

    • "This is pretty sad. A crab found a medicine bottle to use as a shell". litter sucks in all that, but on the bright side the crab found a new home!

  • He couldnt stop laughing 1:31

  • Him:luckily nobody was hurt Everyone:Impossible The glass shards:yep I'm decently a joke to you :(

  • The cat was a hoarder in his previous life.

  • The car went boom!!!!!

  • that *IS* the end of this video

  • 1:49 now that guy is a grand theft auto 5 fan

  • 1:34 me and my friends enjoiyng riding New bike but we crashed into npc car

  • Who left the hose on him saying that while the whole forest is flooded

  • If you think that saw is cool, you should see the twenty year old 5 axis saws we use to cut lumber out in my shop. They do that, label the part, label the truss they are to become part of, as well as the building they will eventually get used on. They can cut multiple complex angles on varying sizes of lumber and feed and output on separate conveyors that feed multiple production lines.

  • The crab at the end reminded me of Kenny Powers sons crab in a bowl lmfao

  • 0:33 There’s some florida man who would ride that

  • 1:05: he dead

    • "This is pretty sad. A crab found a medicine bottle to use as a shell". litter sucks in all that, but on the bright side the crab found a new home!