They Turned a Rock into a Boat

Publisert 13. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an artist made a rock boat.

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Rock Boat:


Seal Hug: Sealdiver/status/...

Cat Hang:

Dog Stick:


Snow Mobile: sledsends

Dog Couch: yosoyryansa...


Big Cat: marcusjmonroe

Car Door:

Rest of the videos:


Dystopia by Luke Hall
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Also in this video, a dog runs into a couch. A cat gets longer and longer. An otter enjoys slapping the ground. A seal hugs a diver. A snowmobile drives on top of the water. A malfunctioning car door closes too fast. A magic illusion looks like a can goes through a mirror.

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  • This takes "don't rock the boat" to the whole new level.

    • Instead of commenting try making videos for your subs instead

    • Lol

    • LOL

    • @Dog Dog rock boat

    • Jesus loves you very much repent and believe onto Him and be saved from eternal punishment of sin amen, Jesus DIED + SUFFERED 4U :)

  • Ngl at 2:10, I would have freaked the hell out too because I feel like the spider would chase me. I’d wield my dual chanclas just in case while telling it: “quedate lejos, Satan!” (Stay far away, Satan!) 🩴😅🩴

  • CaN wE pReTeNd ThAt ClOuDs In ThE nIgHt SkY aRe LiKe OcEaN wAvEs

  • Now the rock is a boat

  • the snowmobile on the lake is called water skipping its a actual sport

  • 1:10 fam U lucky

  • It’s not just a boulder.. It’s a rock

  • 2:08 I don't care what anyone says, I love spiders!

  • Ice age boats intensify

  • That spider said: “What the hell are you looking at?”

  • Wait, why don't we use those in the military, unless we already are

  • The last one is called aurorborialis?

  • They turn à boat into a rock

  • Cats can fall from any height but will stillw ok for anybody worried

  • Rocks sink but this one is made by god

  • Can we just take the time to appreciate that this guy never clicked Bates

  • “It’s not just a boulder, it’s a rock!” *starts crying* “a rock!” *starts laugh-crying* “a ro-o-o-o-o-ock! *climbs it* “It’s a big, beautiful, old rock! Oh, the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles, and it’s in great shape!”

  • Feel like that boat could easily be used to smuggle drugs I mean it looks like a floating Rock

  • 0:44 I really feel bad for who ever was the first person to find this out about their car

  • Well, I guess we got to see what the Pioneers used to Ride for Miles

  • Its not just rock its a bolder

  • The island turtle has born

  • 1:38 c'est un sacré bout de bois!

  • Shocking fact in the boat rock thats just godzilla jr.

  • Oh please don't you rock my boat

  • 잘보았습니다~~😆🙃😀🤑

  • Funniest shit iv'e ever seen

  • Poor cat

  • The first video is like the modern equivalent of the ice ships from Ice Age

  • They say rocks sink…

  • real

  • Thank you.

  • Title "They Turned a Rock into a Boat" Me "Let me guess Florida"

  • I need a hug from that seal

  • You mean they turned a boat into a rock

    • We're fans of the "River Crossing" events, using snowmobiles to cross the Fox River near us. It's a Spring ritual, clears out all the winter salt and gunk before storing the sled. Many don't make it, and floats are attached to the seat rail to mark where they went down; they're retrieved after the event. If they sink, it's no big deal as the motors are removed and cleared out before being stored for the summer. Some couples will enter, dressed in suits and fine dresses, and it's a great time for all.

  • Now let Dwayne Johnson ride the boat

  • "They did a surgery on a rock."

  • They turned boat into a rock.

  • 2:13 he literally said fuck this life im done

  • 9 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • Think the rock boat is leg-powered

  • That boat is cool

  • 0:35 the dog is so funny I love your videos 😊✨ They make my day always a little bit better❤️

  • It’s not a boulder… It’s a rock!!!

  • That rock-boat is a good military camouflage.

  • Fun fact: if the cat didnt fell on the america flag, it would still survive because it can survive falling from an average skyscraper and not get hurt/die. Because it's body is very flexible if used by itslef, not by people. And it got atleast 3+ bones, so it wouldnt break a bone/get any hurt!

  • 1:37 Camera lady took that hit from the branch like a champ.

  • I knew the "cup blowing guy" before he was famous!

  • It’s not just a Boulder, it’s a rock!

  • the rock boat honestly reminds me of appa's cloud camoflauge

  • *N O I C E* 😊😊

  • yknow usually it’s the rocks that sink

  • So that’s what Dwayne Johnson drives

  • The pioneers used to drive these babies for miles.

  • 2:10 Literally me today at swimming when a tenny tiny spider was on my leg😀

  • "He turned himself into a rock boat,funniest shit I've ever seen."

  • The American way to save a life.

  • 2:08 mmm my spider sense is tingling

  • Jesus loves you very much repent and believe onto Him and be saved from eternal punishment of sin amen, Jesus DIED + SUFFERED 4U :)

    • Well, Jesus died and suffered for all people right? So really, only about ten-billionth of his suffering was for me. I mean, I could give myself a paper cut "for you" and that would still be a lot more suffering per capita.

  • walrus looks terrifying right there

  • That frog transcended into the next dimension.

  • 2:21 looks the frog from spirited away

  • 2:13 hehe

  • The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!

  • 2:03 this made my day 100x better. 😭🥰

  • It would've been awesome if Dwayne Johnson was riding it

  • I’m literally shitting tears

  • the spider went "TARGET SPOTTED"

  • Funniest thing I've ever seen


  • That spider wasnt normal

  • Rock boat Stealth level: Yes

  • 2:08 I could almost hear it saying square up.

  • 0:51 amazing.

  • i never new a seal could make me cry 😭

  • 0:42 The car: ugh imma close it cause its too heavy

  • Great

  • 2:05 uh fred, im gonna need those fish by sundown. U got that?

  • 1:50 right after their hug, and orca just: *nom*

  • When that spider turned around you heard on his voice that he was scared for life🤣

  • 0:51

  • This reminds me of an old Greek island myth, where a huge ship was coming to the island and a lady wished if the ship was to take over the island to turn to stone, the ship turned to stone and people still talk about the legend

  • I've definitely overdosed on internet today

  • When you think about the sky being a ocean unto itself, it may be true!

  • The cat was saved… Cats can easily jump from that height. I can imagine the cat not being able to land on its feet when caught in a flag to be more dangerous than just landing on its own.

  • go ni-

  • i saw the second one i saw it on facebook

  • 0:10 what you will find in the new James bond movie

  • 2:13 Looks like little matey had got arthritis.

  • Awww I love cats.

  • That cat was just lucky it didn’t actually hurt itself because that flag just Kinda stopped half the momentum. It fell out the flag immediately as it hit it

  • I was expecting lt of JoJokes when I see the word : Rocks

  • Bro, how are you not verified yet?!?!? You make the best videos that make my day

  • It's like he's talking about something else

  • 🏃🏃‍♀️⭐ ⭐🏃‍♀️🏃🕺

  • 1:00 "Mmm, fresh prison meat.''

  • The sky is just a dry ocean.

  • kapal malin kundang

  • The spider was like: "I feel like someone.." *turns to the person* "IS WATCHING ME"

  • when you encounter a dark souls boss but there is an invisible barrier in front of you: 1:01