Killer Whale Tries to Bite Surfboard

Publisert 30. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an Orca whale is stalking a surfer.

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Eagle and Bunny:

Police Skateboard: ryan.christ...


Dog Smile:

Cat Car:

Surprising Mom:

Big Babies:

Sea Lion: nutabull

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Also in this video, a woman has 2 very large babies. A cat meows inside of a car. A person is caught scratching a Tesla. A dog shows off a very awkward smile. A son surprises his mom that is on vacation. A bunny avoid an eagle.

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  • The man surprising his mom was obviously the middle child

    • As a middle child. It do be like that

    • Well, he could have dressed up for the occasion. :-)

    • I’m the middle child and I can confirm that this is probably true

    • @_YoshiVolts_ 115 same

    • @Funny valentine that would be cool, but I'm pretty sure ddoi did it himself

  • Bunny escaping needs Guile theme

  • I think its normal... When I was born I'm as big as my 2yo sister..

  • 1:10 dude wtf my school is like actually 30 meters away from that point in front of the coliseum

  • 1:04 😏

  • Eagle got the life juked out of him

  • These evil Tesla key scratchers, I want to scratch their eyes out with a box cutter.

  • Chameleons are lizards and lizards are reptiles. Don't you mean "hatched"?

  • How tf can she even lift those babies? My baby is regular(ish) size , I'm a 6'4 dude and my arm gets tired real quick from holding her.

  • 2:19 now that is a cool one

  • orcas are not whales they are dolphins😒

  • my heart sunk for the surfboard guy and i knew he survived

  • Wut da whale doin?

  • The Readon the seal Jumped on the boat was actually because orcas slap seals up to 80 feet in the air until they die, just to leave the carcass of the dead seal. Orcas Kill animals for sport

  • the bonny gon x games mode god dang

  • 1:39 that bunny got some good jukes tho-

  • can you make your videos abit longer cause this was only 2mins

  • FYI if you're ever in a situation like the dude in the first clip, don't be scared. Wild orcas are docile with humans.

  • 6:39 that must have hurt

  • People think Orcas/killer whales are all friendly and awesome becuase they saw Sea world etc. They are vicious and intelligent.

  • that plop of the chameleon tho…

  • Wtf?? That woman that gave birth to the giant babies must be made out of steel

  • The bunny was a Rustabelle rabbit. Eagle didn't have a chance.

  • I wonder if joe and love know a Tesla has cameras 😯

  • We need to stop interfering nature. They should have pushed the seal back into the water and let nature take its course

  • How are those babies bigger then her??? Their heads are Bigger then hers O_o

  • cop got the mooves

  • your intro sucks now

  • Killer Wales : You got away this time jimmy Sea Lion : Hahahaa

  • Daily dope of internet is slowly turning into old tick toks. Dam

  • Two orca videos in one

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  • He was squirming around like a frog fish

  • The small chameleon looks like my friend Matt.

  • omg kewl cop

  • omg orca is chasing the seal wowwza

  • OMG he surprised her so scary

  • do with loud smile1111

  • wow the camera in a Tesla????!!! 😂

  • those are big babies

  • Okay but why would you do that to someone’s car on PURPOSE. People are trash

  • Isn’t that a paddle board not a surf board?

  • Anyone can be forgiven and saved if repent and believe in Lord Jesus

  • Bro the baby’s tho, how did she survive that?

  • Even though he said the chameleon was giving birth i still thought it was taking a dump xD

  • 1:41 Makes me wonder how high my buck could jump if he wanted to. He's a big boy(almost as big as my cat), and getting on in years though.

  • 0:27 The only explanation is that Hagrid is the father

  • That guy scratching the Tesla hurt my heart. Why would someone do that??

  • 1:39 that bunny watched to much anime .

  • First of all the orca isn't stalking the man, there just trying to play with him. Like they don't know how to stalk! Come on people. Sheeeeeesh

  • sea lion jumps on my boat , i'm pushing that b**** back. YOu aint paying for my mpg

  • just because you can give birth doesn't make you a miracle. they can literally grow babies in a lab

  • I am watching this after watching him in a zoom call with so many damn youtubers

  • Oh my GOODNESS!!! Those are some big baby’s wow that must of hurt like the underworld

  • 2:23 man started a new world

  • hold on, chameleons give BIRTH?

  • That bunny do be doing gymnastics 🤣

  • I thought that thumbnail was a gigantic orca beside a battleship for a second

  • Hey guys...Ricky Reepass calls it free money.


  • Yikes ive seen enough nature documentaries to be concerened in those orca video situations. I dont know if they are any danger but it reminds my of seals getting knocked off of icebergs

  • Bad killer whale doggy!

  • damn that mother is STRONG af. imagine living and nurturing that two chonky HUMANS inside of you+++ the process of getting it OUT??? she's super >__>

  • the bunny went mastered ultra instinct

  • The bunny has skills tho, you gotta give em the points. 😬

  • wtf is with that weird car guy, what a creep

  • What if the Killer Whale who tries to bite the surfboard: Killer Whale: "Oo is that a surfboard, can i try it too? Come on please. No? Okeh "

  • 1:43 *Why do I feel the urge to push the sealion back in the water*

  • My chameleon lays eggs!?! It’s a process that isn’t the easiest either. Females can die if there terrarium isn’t set up properly too lay eggs. I’m confused here lol. Edit:their demise can be because their eggs get impacted.

  • Yall need to be more scared of Orcas. They kill sharks. They kill anything. They even kill just for fun. They dont call them killer whales for nothing...

  • Thanks for letting us know about the Tesla security cams. 👍

  • “I DoNt KnOw If My BaBiEs ArE JuSt ChUnKy” Maam do you not see the absolute unit of a baby you are holding

  • That dog's smiles are CREEPY AS HELL

  • Can we acknowledge how scary the orca clip is?

  • That baby chameleon immediately knew what to do like whattttt 😂😂😂

  • Wait chameleon are born by birth why nobody told me this


  • Wow, that chameleon ting at the end was a surprise

  • 1:38 That bunny rly did a pro gamer move

  • That bunny was like, "Not today, Satan!"

    • almost sounds like a helluva boss quote

  • God damn those are some big babies. The father must be a monster.

  • Whoops, sorry, my baby just fell out

  • How did she give birth to those?


  • That orca is such a creep >:(

  • Chameleon baby: @#$% ARRRGH HOLY CRAP IT'S THE WORLD!! Ok let's see, leaf structure is sound, grabbing function online, good to go let's get some bugs.

  • 1:46 you see, the orca's are giving humanity a peace offering, they give us a sea lion ready to be clubbed, and we stop acidifying the ocean

  • why do people key cars!?!

  • I thought Chameleons lay eggs like all other Reptiles.

  • Later

  • Whale be like: *num num seal*

  • orca: no one wants to be my friend

  • The chameleon was like "Alright we have successfully dropped from our mother im going to leaf rush for this run also this speedrun is sponsored by nord vpn"

  • The bunny literally did an upside down 360 mlg

  • That’s what a cat sounds like when it’s crying

  • the dumbass seal lady kicked the seal off the boat and got it killed

  • 0:34 Those babies have bigger heads than her

  • Chameleons: Mountain climbing 1 second after birth.

  • The girl with the at was so shocked!! That was cool!

    • Girl with the cat! Cat! I hate auto correct… it always screws up what I’m trying to actually say… anyone else hate this?