Carnival Ride Starts to Lose Control

Publisert 19. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a carnival ride starts to lose control.

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Slow-Mo Bugs:

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Also in this video, a cat is in a drawer. A person juggles Rubik's cubes. I show you how expensive paintings are. A motorcycle goes down a hill in Switzerland. A video of bugs flying in slow motion.

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  • Dude, that first guy to try and hold the ride down is a hero. If he didn't show initiative, I doubt anyone else would have acted.

    • Herd Mentality vs Bystander Effect.

    • @Denis wtf

    • @Denis i licked my phone

    • remember kids: don't be a bystander and watch, stand up and help anyways.

    • @Denis this is probably worth more than monalisa

  • 2:27 me driving around in GTA 5 be like:

  • Nobody is talking about the cat in the drawer?

  • I was on that ride a few weeks before that happened but in a different state and went on it like 4 times!! :/

  • Wow 🤩

  • 13.006

  • Jesus loves you all !! :) You matter, you are loved !

  • 0:59 violence in cartoons be like:

  • Imagine the terror those people felt on the ride

  • Sorry racist but that was next level Asian lol

  • SO DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:02 me in rocket league LOL

  • can some art lover explain what makes painting expensive when normal regular artists could do it easily

  • Good thing insects are small enough that we don't notice how they really look. They really are nightmare fuel. Just imagine cow sized insects flying around and trying ton eat you.

  • imagine nobody tried to help and so it just fucking fell and everyone died… that first guy is a superhero

  • "Ah, i cant find my screws.. Where are they!?" **proceeds to ignore he opened a drawer and there was a cat inside**

  • 13k

  • 14998

  • 14996

  • 4

  • Get this to 13k comments

  • I went there and I saw you

  • Wait a sec… I went to a carnival like that. They had lemonade and I forgot what’s it called

  • Lol 2:51 looks like the bug has those gangster classes

  • 1:27 yeah that guy just built different

  • The fact how this did doesn’t clickbait

    • Dude this is DDOI. He would never

  • dude the cats at the end hiding melted my heart 🤗🤗

  • Dang Asian parents

  • Imagine buying a painting of scribbles for a billion dollars lmao

  • Fine art is a means of legitimising money laundering and tax evasion

  • Sorry what happened to my favorite ride?

  • I can't juggle I can't solve a rubix cube and I can't say 100 digits of pie. 👽

  • 0:54 uhhhhh I think it’s the screwdriver


  • I guess for once its good that Americans weigh so much 🤣

  • who thought the biker's video is of gta?

  • What I especially don't get is why the carnival ride was still adding speed to the rotations. Don't they have an emergency button that immediately slows it down?

  • That’s crazy I was there

  • wasnt this at the frederick fair??

  • That guy with the rubies cubes and pi is bound to make a wormhole

  • All that juggling and still can't get laid 🤣

  • I just realized if humans could fly they would make an incredible mess with their wings - like some of us cannot even walk properly

  • Rubik's guy will never have children

  • _________________________ | ⚠️ | | NO TRESPASSING. | | Violators. | | Will Be Shot. | |Survivors with be shot| | Again! | |_______________________| Me:eh I can't read, cmon Kami!

  • 2:58 real life stinkfly from Ben 10

  • ?????? The ??????dog

  • 0:54 Guy: looking for screwdriver. Cat in drawer: Sleeps. Guy again: I’m just gonna close it as quickly as possible. Me: AHHHHAAAAAHAAA

  • We were at that same urban air jumpy place 😂😂

  • The Asian Boy is an Alien living among us!!

  • 0:52 were my cat at ?

  • Rubiks cube dude, autism level: rainman

  • 0:59 What in the world.

  • 2:28 Me in forza horizon:

  • 0:54 Cat.

  • Honestly, I've seen the carnival ride video quite a few times, but what made me crack up was when the guy was looking for his screwdrivers and his cat was in a drawer and then he closed it as if nothing was there. He closed it like: "That's Normal." Yes, I'm aware this prob. normal for All or at least most cat-owners, but when I owned my cat, he never did anything like that to my knowledge. As a kid, idk why but I had a tendency to hold him upside down like a baby and he tolerated it. Out of my own curiosity, is there something specific about drawers that cats like? I'm just surprised at how many cats don't care when the drawer is closed on them when they choose to "crawl" into a drawer. So what is about drawers that they like?

  • the carnival is shutting down bruh

  • Insects flying: Their legs: “Weeeeeeeeee”

  • I remember I was at that place I think

  • I meant rise

  • This was only the start of the ride of robots

  • That first clip, how about a fucking emergency button? Ever heard of that shit?

  • Mom: why can't you be more like Stanley? Stanley: 1:06

  • Hey dude can ya send me the link ti the how much art costs website or video

  • 0:04 why didn't the operator stop the ride?

  • 1:07 Dam😳 This guy talented

  • Its amazing tgat that guy with the rubiks cubes can do that but why?

  • Plot twist: the guy with rubik cubes is making a ritual

  • "the people were able to safely exit the ride" then place a huge lawsuit putting the entire place out of business....the end. XD

  • This is why I don't trust rides you can assemble and disassemble in one day

  • first video helped me regain my faith in humanity

  • So that’s why it wasn’t at the fair that I go to XD IM glad now but I loved that ride

  • The fact that he had his cat in the drawer. 🤣🤣

  • 1:06 that guy is way too talented to live

  • Poor liitle kid thought To belly flop but ended up doing something else 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • i'm sure the cube guy got accepted into MIT or something

  • 0:38 hats of to the staff and other people who holded on to the ride

  • this is the reason why i don’t ride these rides

  • 1:56 When that hid did a front flip... Did he grow up?

  • Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine how it would be to die on a carnival ride, it would be so scary and then boom, your life has expired

  • 1:21 imagine having such a useless talent 😑

  • someone give that first guy a medal for heroism, cause that was actually very cool

  • 1:11 that's an 👽.

  • I Like the Kitty ending because I GIVE KISSES!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  • Knowing pi after more than 2 decimals is useless, as a scientific student we use to round it as 3.1 or even 3

  • 1:08 what asian parents expect their kids to be like

  • 1:16 the smart kid when he’s not at class

  • Hey we do this every year and in Michigan and it really fun so come on to Michigan

  • hello there, i dont mean to force my religion on you at all. but Jesus is the messiah. he is the lord and savior of the world. please turn to him and repent from your sins! let's worship the Lord together!! Amen! Glory to the Lord almighty

  • Final Destination was right.

  • I was actually there when this happened. It happened in traverse city michigan while i was on vacation. They have a festival every year called “cherry festival” the rides have to be put up in 13 hours. That ride happens to be in front of a river. My best friend was on the ride but i didnt go because I’m afraid of heights. Luckily no one go hurt, but the manager got fired.

  • Scary thing is the ride was next to the boardman river...can't imagine the mess if it had landed in the river...

  • 2:15 have a similar one in my rough copy!

  • 1:52 im crying bruh

  • 1:20 this is the meaning of "what kind of Asian are you"

  • funny story, i saw that one ride almost tip over. it was super scary

    • i believe it was at the ionia county fair in michigan??

  • 2:53 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

  • The guy with the robux cube was obviously faking, he was looking st a shrdt with the numbrrs

  • How was this a mistake, there clearly had to be an emergency stop button or a stop button, this is stupid.

  • 2:27 gta..?

    • Insects are lucky to fly

  • Pog