Lightning Strikes a Little Too Close

Publisert 9. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, lightning strikes a little too close.

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Also in this video, a man sees what it takes for his wife to be beautiful .A whale inhales the bubbles of a dolphin. A mom saves her child from a falling book. A woman speaks to her family in Spanish. A package is stuck. A man tries to drive a car with the hood up.

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  • Ok but let's just talk about how good this episode was.


  • Digging a hole for your partner in the sand. That's love. ❤

  • Those fireworks were impressive! :)

  • 1:25 literally gta5 in real life

  • So cool

  • 1:09 The way they were disappointed when it stopped 😂

  • 1:03 shut up dora!!

  • he runner he trackstar pin dis plzzzz

  • Casually walking through the streets, then... BOOM! lighting strikes! the man's face when the lighting hit.

  • 0:10 me when my mom whoops my sis for not doing her homework and knowing full well i didn’t do it either ✋🏻💀

  • book: i believe i can fly mom: not today sis

  • Package just saving itself lol

  • OMG I would NEVER do that to my wife/gf @ 0:13

  • i know that spanish sandwich part was just acting but it still funny...

  • I like the praying mantis

  • lightning struck right next to me before outside my house a few meters away we had an internet outage for a day until we went to get it fixed

  • 1:04 that got me 😂

  • The thumbnail kinda looked edited, but I saw that it was Daily Dose of Internet then I knew it most probably wasn't

  • You call that close? That wasn't even near him.

  • story time: once i was playing on some swings at a park, and all in 2 minutes stuff started to get really dark and this was like mid-day or smth and then as the swings went backward a lightning strike struck where i was before i went back, still don’t like parks or lightning 7 years later

  • mum has ultra instinct (real) (trust)

  • 1 time I was inside my house and RIGHT NEXT TO THE WINDOW where I was standing the lighting struck

  • Those fireworks CANNOT be legal.

  • nice mantis

  • I have a pet praying mantis to

  • 0:14 is that your Dream

  • 1:04 he in Spain without that ✨A ✨

  • 0:13 when harley queen get make up ready and i walk in

  • 1:03

  • Mr. beast dies no cliggait

  • That's a nice mantis

  • Smol package: HAHA I WILL NEVER DIE Chad package: *Imma stop you right there*

  • The second one omg I’m dying

  • *Please be aware* If your talking about the box clip in this video theres a chance u will find these people that have very NSFW channel pictures and names. Please report them to youtube and uh kids, dont look at the comments thanks for reading (it wont always be on the box video comments) *The comments are most likely copied from another person's original comment*

  • Those fireworks look like a prototype for Gandalf's dragon firework : D

  • Lol

  • the man: no no no it’s a big lighting

  • Why do I try to find @just some guy with a mustache

  • 1:09 The package knew it was going to be deported.

  • 좋아요~❤❤❤❤재미있어요~❤❤❤❤

  • 1:33 Ah yes weasley wizard wheezes

  • 0:21 Sean Connery sez: _"I blame my shelf."_ 1:21 "Front" hood? Da fuq? They got back hoods on your planet?

  • the dog definitely doesnt have a foot fetish

  • The toilets are striking back. (This comment was originally deleted because inappropriate bots kept appearing in the comment section ;w;)

  • 1:32 Homing missle/firework

  • the storm that struck New York also caused flooding where i live

  • Sheesh

  • POV: You tried scanning the QR code but it did nothing.

  • Gandalfs in town. 1:33

  • 1:20 Big Box: Playtime's over. Let's go. Crowd: *:(*

  • 1:05 Speeeeeeeeeen

  • I like Discord:)

  • Thank you for the brain goodness ✨


  • This is really good.

  • Baby in belly when mom puts stomach in hole: I can't see! Oh wait.

  • The mom catching this book reminded me of this meme where a woman catches a seagull by it's neck

    • @not_anymore Ugh I know right. Ever since like four days ago, I haven't gotten any notifications that werent those stupid bots. What are they even getting at? And the replies are always on kid friendly channels like this one.

    • @TheMandarin NO CUZ SAME- I'm gonna loose it eventually i swear

    • @not_anymore THANK YOU. I thought I was losing my mind. One of my comments on this channel has eleven replies. AND EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM IS RITA NORMA AND SOPHIE IF YOU KNOW WHAT IM GETTING AT. If I see another comment by a bot I'm going ballistic.

    • Lightning reflex!

    • re-commenting from a month ago cuz bots invested the replies

  • Why doesn't anyone talk about Dora, that was perfectly timed Also had to delete my older comment because bots were swarming it

  • 1:14 subway surfers gameplay

  • The man digging a whole for his pregnant wife is so cute

  • Awww this man is gonna be a great father !


  • Peruna on ollut aika saatanan siiseli

  • 1:33 Fred and George weasley in half blood prince be like:

  • Thank you.

  • Your channel is so good :)

  • Imagine sitting on the toilet taking a dump then that happens

  • 1:09 it probably said fragile too

  • Glad he started running since men and 6x more to be struck by lightning that women.

  • "Pregnant partner"? You mean pregnant wife. Men can not get pregnant. Only women can.

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  • His face ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ

  • i have a pet wasp and hes so sweet

  • The annoying creature going on about sandwich in Spanish; with that voice I would have thrown something at her head as well. Every time I post on this channel, the sleazy porn sites follow me. So gross. Trying again

  • 0:15 what's up with that??

  • Where is the Audio?


  • i swear my replies keep getting spammed with these retarded bots

  • I thought the guy in the thumbnail was edited in

  • 0:45 Whales don't inhale with their mouth. Its just biting the bubbles

  • *Reply if you are a dumb bot from whoever is controlling these accounts* (Don't reply this message, like if you want, I want to see how many bots will reply. Don't click on any channels below as well)

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    • Beep boop

  • The bots with risqué names and profile pictures having conversations with eachother in the reply sections of the comments make me glad I was born into a world with internet.

    • That's... Every single comment I have. My record chain is eleven. Someone better stop Rita, Norma and Sophie ASAP.

  • Bruh but when my mom and me went to shop we saw lighting in front of our eyes 😐😐😐

  • Hi

  • 1:18 run box!!!!!! run!!!!!!!

  • Their mom has a superpower..

  • The face that he made lmao

  • I had a time were lightning hit on my property *my property is 9 acres*

  • Rip UPS package.

  • how does the first guy have like 1000 chins

  • I cannot believe the frog just shocked the camerawoman

  • HA HA !!

  • That little Fed Ex box was probably just trying to avoid going towards the "light"!!

  • 1:51 toilet revenge

  • Please give me a hart like every one

  • 0:53 legit the funniest thing I ever saw

  • if thunder strikes and you can count to lets say 4 seconds, it struck 4 miles away.

  • I choked on my chip when the girl talking in Dora language got hit with the sandwich.

  • Why is no one talking about the person literally driving with their front hood up like wtf.