Frog Refuses to Leave Circle

Publisert 23. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a frog refuses to leave a circle.

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Also in this video, someone parked their Tesla in a bad spot. A hamster has to wear the cone of shame. I show you all the cables that are connected underneath the oceans making the internet possible. A bunny is upset and stomps their foot. Someone pours water on another person while they are sleeping.


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  • He doesn’t want to be attacked by a sea bear

  • Give the frog his million dollars

  • 1:24 wait for it… (So funny!)

  • 2:06 is there really an undersea fibre optic cable in The Great Australian Bight? Seems likely a costly, un-need place for a cable

  • Frog : shut up and hold my be*e 😂


  • Jackson you swore

  • The robot have determined her safety is unprecedent to it's delivery _they have broken Asimov's Law_

  • That frog listened to spongebob the circle is safe

  • No one gonna talk about how perfect that circle is?

  • mr beast challenges be like

  • Poor frog, i'm calling PETA

  • That frog would win squid game

  • 1:59 The NOwine (Netflix etc) videos are stored on distributed servers across the world as well. They upload to them and yes, use fiber to get there but folks in different countries watch videos from ‘nearby’ servers.

  • He probably thinks he’s in one of those last to leave the circle hosted by mr beast.

  • He doesn’t want to lose $100000

  • RESPECT THE FROGS!! Like in minecraft

  • circle of life

  • I think the toad maybe thought the bright line was a snake maybe. I cant think of any other reason it would do that.

  • thats a toad bruh-

  • Frog:NOT LEAVIN Me:poor frog

  • Say this person talking doesn't sound like serum.

  • that frog knows something we dont guys.

  • Noice

  • .

  • Can we all agree that the frog is thicc and just ate 59 flys that day he was tired man

  • He need that 10,000 dollars

  • That frog is better then Chan chan

  • Humans: uses chalk to make the frog leave the circle Frog : I REFUSE!!

  • Y

  • 1:55 When your card got declined


  • LOL🤣🤣🤣

  • Frog game

  • Bunny don’t stump when they’re mad they stump when they are trying to protect their self when they are scared!

  • Mr.Beast6000 ohhhhwoahhhhhh changed his name once or twice now he’s here to stay

  • Maybe he wanted to win the squid game

  • It was disturbing to see the number of cables going through the South China Sea. Despite international law, China claims the whole sea. That could be a problem.

  • I bet the woman that was messing with the food robot becomes a Karen when her food is late

  • We have an inside bunny and when she stomps it scares the 💩 outta me. She doesn’t do it often, hints why it scares me.

  • The frog is a sumo wrestler reincarnated

  • Ah yes yes real winner of the mr beast challenge

  • 0:06 Well duh! It's a kill-brick. He doesn't wanna lose his progress.

  • Woman: In an argument with the bunny Bunny: ThUmP

  • Plot twist: its glass

  • Ahhahahahaahahhahaha😅😂🤣😅😅🤣🤣

  • Me when I’m set free from prison but it was fun HAHA

  • God is real

  •'s "actually" a toad. Frogs leap/jump long distances, toads hop short distances. Isn't all this ignorance just so great for us!

  • lol, i just realized this- if you see the bar on the bottom that is red, and you type " awesome" it turns rainbow

  • Who else thought this entire video was goin to be about a frog?

  • Yeet him

  • 😎💀

  • Everyone: Talked about the frog Me: How adorable the old lady and her dog ❤️

  • LOL

  • the frog siad he will get eaten by Bears

  • The frog probably thought that it was a mrbeast video

  • so did the police catch the car robber and the woman get her car back ?

  • No-one: Literally nobody: Me: THAT IS A FREAKING TOAD!!!!!!!!

  • Me sees title... THATS A TOAD!!!!!!!! UGH

  • Probably because the frog is the color🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • What about the collection for you

  • The frog won't jump out of the circle...because it's a toad.

  • Maybe it’s one of those anti-sea bear circle

  • I laughed to most of these… ok all of them

  • the frog isplaying a mrbeast challenge

  • That was so cute

  • Aw

  • Holy cow

  • 0:06

  • 0:03 Spongebob Sea Bear Episode Be Like:

  • You actually shouldn't do that to frogs. They have very sensitive skin and something like chalk could harm them.

  • 0:56: Jackson: (pours water on) Her: STOP! Jackson YOU SWORE

  • the stuff noone wanted but everyone needed


  • im not pouring water on anyting ever again :'S

  • That rabbit was putting his foot down to his owner’s shenanigans

  • 1:47 *Someone's gettin' fired* 👀

  • That frog watch too much squid game.

  • Dog:the heck Man:poopy cheese

  • Poor hamster got squished :(

  • Ofc its a core

  • *"Stop! Jackson, you swore."* Jackson: 🗿

  • Not the Tesla!

  • The whole internet :- " LEAVE THE FROGA ALONE "

  • This frog is literally part of your inner circle and refuses to leave

  • Satanic frog circle exposed ⭕️

  • Frog version of chandler in a mr beast chalenge

  • The frog thought it was a mr beast challenge

  • He is just doing the challenge given by Mr Beast. I hope he'll win that challenge.


  • Hes playing squid game

  • Awsome

  • That frog likes Mr beast

  • The frog just wanted to get that 100k from MrBeast

  • He was just playing squid game’s

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:15 is what we call "carkakke"

  • HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa