An Extremely Realistic Halloween Mask

Publisert 4. okt.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, someone made an extremely realistic Halloween wolf mask.

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Wolf Mask: WillowCreative_/s...

Spider Bounce:

Mini-Van Bounce:

Abandoned Castles:


Delivery Robot:

Crocodile: pCUXmglxge6d/

Base Jump:

Bird Car:

Moving Car Save:

Diamond Ashes:

Rest of the videos:


Horizon by Nomyn
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Bisiesto by Hiracutch
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Also in this video, there is a very bouncy mini van. A man is wearing a parachute. A spider is bouncing on a spider web. A crocodile is swimming in the water. Over 500 castle homes in Turkey are abandoned. A bird is hanging outside a car window.

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  • Some minivans will bounce like this, as a defense mechanism, when they are scared!

  • That bouncing Minivan gave me soooo much anxiety. No way that shits comfortable haha.

  • i hate furrys

  • Since ash can become diamonds, does that mean you can basically burn anything and turn it into a diamond?

  • it almost looks like a filter it looks so realistic

  • 0:00 FNAF players: *softly* don't...

  • These furrys need to be stopped

  • "we now have the ability to turn humans into diamonds" this is the dumbest creation ever. Criminals will now kill people to make diamonds out of them.

  • If anyone knows the name of the company that turns ashes into diamonds please let me know my brother just passed away two days ago his birth stone is diamond ik that would make our mom happy

  • Furries...gross dude.


  • This damn furries are evolving !!!

  • wtf are people doin

  • is the first one part of the furry suit

  • thats abandoned housein turky

  • Furries are a abomination

  • Pretty sure thats a furry mask

  • it looks more like a furry

  • So you're telling me that I might have a diamond ring that is possibly made out of a dead burnt human being and I wouldnt even notice?

  • “ we now have the ability to turn humans into diamonds”

  • sana huwag kang malag lag at masagasaan asdasdsad 🤕😮🤧😮🙁🤕😮

  • Furries: *”I’ll take your entire stock”*

  • I’m surprised that van didn’t snap in half with a broken suspension lol

  • Furries are getting more and more creative

  • 0:40 I wonder what people were doing inside that car

  • The ultimate furry

  • 2:36 honest to god, I wanted to see feathers everywhere...

  • My minivan used to bounce like that... No shock absorbers.

  • The mini van needs to be bright orange with a smiley face as a singalong song plays

  • that was furry

  • Wasn't feeling extra videos

  • First clip is a gay furry

  • Bruh no that makes looks like a filter

  • now when your grandma dies, you can sell her in diamond form! I have issues...and so do you

  • Just a furry mask

  • That elk cry sounded like a Divine Beast

  • I mean is the crocodile didn't attack me then I would like to be in there with it

  • The furries are evolving

  • yeah, let's just design ONE "castle" and ctrl-c ctrl-v it one next to the other. make sense.

  • 1:13 Here We See The Exagerrated Swagger Of a White Teen

  • Springlocks finna get him good

  • Im 2018 or 2017 idk, me and my family saw a car dancing while my dad and brother were putting the grocery’s and mall shopping bags in the trunk, those good ol’ days mate

  • 0:40 minivan do be feeling the vibes

  • i wonder what was happening in that mini van? 😳

  • That mask is so sick

  • It's horrible i hate it

  • You have no idea how genuinely happy and calm these videos make me, thank you ✨

  • someone should sponser the mini castle company

  • i think thats creations rosses mini van

  • The money store.

  • 1:55 if I’ve learn anything from watching animal planet it is that underwater they don’t attack. It’s when they reach the surface that you should run.

    • Hmm great point but how can I run on water. Thanks for the sensible advice of running on the surface of water I mean true u can’t run in water

  • When I die, I want to be turn in to a diamomd

  • Damn I really want that mask

  • furrys goes brrrrrrrrr

  • furries about to go ham hehe

  • 0:26 hey thats Brasil, my country!

  • 1:52 is abandoned Disney Castles

  • You know what they were shooting in that mini wan... xD

  • Is that real diamond 💎??

  • Suit is now finished can view it it's it's full glory (werewolf)

  • I thought the bowling ball was gonna hit a delivery robbot

  • that parrot would make that kitten who "catches" their hooman's hand from falling out the window go into full panic mode

  • Where are those mini castles?

  • I mean, with that ash to diamond technology, you could also turn your poop into a diamond.

  • Yeah the ashes thing turned out to be a scam though...

  • imagine the bird fell

  • it's sad how people waste their time and money

  • righttttttttt for halloween

  • looks like a filter but idk

  • When you reach your goal of being as happy as that bird, PLEASE include/send me/us a video of yourself hanging out of a car's window!! :) (I love your videos!)

  • Yeah sure make my ashes into diamonds then put them on rings so i can haunt people.

  • 0:41 ♫ The people on the -bus- 'van' go up and down, up and down, up and down, the people on the... van, go up and down, all through the town... ♫

  • You just know once the abandoned castle get viral enough, set producers gonna be leasing em out for scenes

  • Fuck, that guy who jumped in the car probably had no ideia if the handbrake was working and he probably wouldnt reach the pedal with his hand

  • Furries are evolving.

  • Yeah... That mask is totally for halloween... Nothing else...

  • Hamster: I'm trying to SLEEP!

  • Furry alert 😭

  • In actuality, you can't make a diamond out of human ashes. What you can do is add a very very very tiny amount of human ashes into a diamond. A diamond is made out of carbon. Carbon burns off at 1200°-1400°F. The cremation process is 1800°. So any carbon in the human body is burned off and becomes a gas. The understanding is that there maybe about 1% of carbon left in human ashes. The process of making a "human" diamond involves using about a cup if not less of human ashes to extract the miniscule amount of carbon that may be left behind and using that in the mixture. So the diamond you spent 300% the value of a normal diamond, contains maybe an eyelash amount of your loved one.

  • That wolf mask is the wolf/hyena from avatar

  • The bird is cute


  • You should try making a you laugh you lose challenge or try not to laugh

  • THUMBNAIL DansGame

  • Mask of Crocs

  • The mask would have fur if it were a wolf. That's a Xolocuintle dog mask!

  • Diamond Dogs

  • 0:25 that was in my country :)

  • 0:00 that’s a filter right?

  • him: "a really realistic wolf mask for Halloween!" furrys: yeah.... for Halloween..

  • 2:22 yeah, that's a scam.

  • The wolf mask is by willow creative did they give credit when they sent it ? Because I’m pretty sure it might be copyright not haTeing)

  • Ok furry

  • All furry jokes aside, That mask was super cool and I would give them all my candy

  • 00:48 "All springs, baby! We don't need no shocks to kill the bouncy fun."

  • i think we all no whats goning on inside that van😏