Lightning Strikes a Moving Car

Publisert 1. juli. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a car is struck by lightning in Kansas.

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All Lies by Loxbeats
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Dystopia by Luke Hall
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feellikedying by Loxbeats
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Also in this video, a person makes a painting in a unique way. A raccoon jumps out of a garbage can. A cat jumps on a bed. A cat plays with a rubber band. A timelapse of a pumpkin growing. A person base jumps and uses a parachute. A photographer shows how large the sun is using a filter.

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  • Just imagine how their phones charged in an instant

  • “ Wow”. hahaha

  • if yall saw the interview that the 1st clip was. A 50 BOMB FORTNITE MOBILE DAMNN

  • I'm pretty sure the lightning bolt is fake. A lightning strike is very bright and should have completely overwhelmed the sensors on the camera but you can still see the area around the lightning.

  • 2:47 mokey nooo :0

  • Best part was the end....... the wow sounded so enthusiastic about the sunset

  • "lightning strikes" a moving car Lightning "strikes a moving car Intense confusion

  • 1:56 and his name is john cena

  • the pumpkin looks like when you fill a ball with air

  • How much did you think that scared them

  • 1:59 You have been RKO-ed boi

  • the pumkin growing is really cool but thats a GIANT pumkin

  • Like this comment if you adore bass playing kitties :3

  • awesome video

  • who just randomly records the car in front of them

  • 1:45 According to super duper intense anylization of the video (Or looking at the stoplight) I was able to figure out the white car is in the wrong.

  • 0:27

  • Was that squidward we hear saying wow about the sunset?

  • That pumpkin one was pretty awesome

  • This made my day. Thank you 🇱🇰

  • four of them went shazam

  • Congrats on your 12,000,000

  • Mononoke inu is on 🔥4 days straight major returns

  • Looks like Thor did not like that car

  • Are you gay?

  • and that's why I always stand on the opposite side of the big metal pole from where the traffic is coming to use the pole to stop the out of control car instead of your body.

  • What was that cat vid about

  • 2:44 POV: Your Godzilla

  • The question is why you are recording the car before lightning

  • Beautiful sunset! ❤️🇨🇦

  • I mean videos

  • Your video are to short

  • Gorgeous sunset!

  • snipe

  • Trash

  • wow.....01:52 :))

  • If you slow the lightning strike to .25 speed it struck the car 4 times

  • 2:21 It's not a tumor.

  • 0:19 NO, THEY WERE NOT FINE! THEY DID GET HURT! WHY YOU JUST CASUALLY SAY "nobody got hurt"?! (No offence, but you have to admit they got hurt a little)

  • You make my bad days good days thank you

  • The guy who was pushing someone on a swing was lucky that he didn't get yeeted down that hill

  • is that... a pewdiepie plane

  • Leafy is that you?

  • 3:04 poor snuffy

  • What The Hell so Crazy! The Guy with golf ball hit a police car

  • 1:57 I’ve done that before

  • you're welcome

  • That sunset shot is so lovely,plus the reflection…wow!

  • Spark is the simple thing that could summon lightning

  • That is a beautiful sunset. There is a heart cloud in the middle

  • cars are the safest place to take shelter during a storm

  • ur the best yotuber

  • i like the sun set

  • Confusious say, when buy plane, get windscreen wipers

  • Wow

  • صخص

  • That lightning has aimbot

  • Thanks Mr Faraday

  • Do you do you know yellow pumpkins we don’t how about your video sucks

  • 😂😂😂 your content inspired me and i created a youtube channel. Thank you very much

  • truck got railgun-ed

  • 1:53 lmao, served him right.

  • cool video and i just love the end that was so cool

  • This almost like a clickbait video but still he talks about the lighting almost strike a car

  • meow meow

  • Lightning hit that car with a 3 piece combo

  • The best part was when one of the kids inside was interviewed and the kid said he was playing fortnite

  • 3:27 not so pretty I get prettier sunsets in my balcony

  • Fuuny :)))

  • 2:01 3 2 1 isso é no brasil kkkkkkkkkk

  • I NEED HELP!..........Spreading Jesus' name to everyone in my new book...(Jesus Is God Scripture Proves It by Cary Glenn)...available where books are sold

  • "bro i tried to drop a 50 bomb but elon musk is in the air striking lightning to anything thats not a tesla"

  • The golfball police car.....ya gotta wonder how humorous that probably played officer I'm not even goin to try and shame myself further by tryin to explain or deny. My buddy dared me to hit it over the house...why did ya do it? buddy said i didn't have the balls...😆


  • 0:26 Unluckiness

  • I love it so much

  • anyone else other than me that's more impressed with the size of the sun under a filter? guess not then....... ; )

    • what about the cat with his four bar beat and then smile, now that one is even more impressive.....

  • Energy weapons. 5G? They must have had a fast connection.

  • 👋👌👏 this is the best daily dose of internet congrats 🎉 on your subs!

  • What are we watching?

  • if you stop talking while making will get 20mil. subscribers for sure.

  • 1:17 😱😱😱

  • well i can tell ya that the car is moving but the people inside arn't anymore

  • Omg lol

  • omg

  • 2:52, The next Eric CAT-ton!

  • When you play it at .25 speed it looks like 4 separate lightning strikes in the same spot.

  • it sounds like a gun

  • you are cool😀

  • I'd be scared here 0:14 my soul has now left my body

  • Man: ahh wat a nice day seeing the cars drive! A white car: hey dude sup (while driving away) Black car: sup mother fucker ( pushes white car) White car: AHHH WATCH OUt!!! Man: oh Shit- *runs away*

  • Little therapy

  • I think that the cameraman knew that this was going to happen.

  • The tensile strength of that shoe lace is insane. It saved him from a nasty bump.

  • should've had his flux capacitor checked

  • Electric Field inside the car is Zero 🙏

  • At the end I just thought of the blood moon cutscene in breath of the wild. I can literally hear Zelda rn no joke

  • At the last vid of the sun his house must be massive and it has a golf course

  • What's the cars nick name fast ride

  • 2:05 ay it's me Vector and I'm testing out my flight suit