Student Passes Out During Her Presentation

Publisert 3. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a student faints while doing a presentation.

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Also in this video, people howl with their dog. A cat is mean to another person. Someone recorded a video of lightning striking the same spot 11 times. A video of tornado sirens harmonizing. Construction workers find a strange creature. A person gets hit by water from a fire hydrant.

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  • The strange creature in Uganda is a lungfish, which cover themselves in mud and sort of just hide in the ground, and can breath air without water, hence the 'lung' in the name

    • its a fish

    • I was going to ask if they buried an elephant alive.

    • Fascinating. This'll make a fine addition to my useless fact collection.

    • I'm sorry to have to correct you, but that's clearly a Tremor monster from the hit film in 1990 with Kevin Bacon

    • claim your "almost to max replies" ticket here

  • Who walks a cat? The animal ones are funny

  • The first one made me laugh idk why lol

  • 2:29 last zip of coffee heading to the office, have a great time!!

  • NEVE EVER IN MY LIFE i passed out for “not deinking water”… this american girls playing with their hormones with a daily pill cause their pxssy boyfriends are afraid of using caps, so sexist.

  • That is why you need to breathe AIR and not mask lint that does zero good

  • What. 😂

  • 1:15 - Yeah, I’m sorry about that…

  • 1:10 zeus just hated that pole

  • She was too scared to present

  • * W O O F T E A M*

  • Ein Quirl Blödsinn.

  • 잘보았습니다~~❤❤👍👍재미있어요~😂😆🤣🤪😝😎

  • Thats a tuna under ground

  • en lugar de ayudarla.. se quedan mirando como estupidos

  • 0:29 I have never felt so fascinated yet weirded out😂

  • R.I.P pole Jesus didn’t like that place

  • I guess that lightning bolt really had a grudge on that pole lol.

  • I began to pass out...and then my head hit the wall *BAM*

  • Walking your cat 🤨

  • Man who can control his muscles can pretend to be a muscular woman 😂😂😁😁

  • The last one freaks me out

  • *bold*

  • that has got to be the best thumbnail every

  • Definitely the mask has contributed to it.

  • I bet she was vaccinated.

  • Those don't look like chest muscles....some kind of device

  • They just stand there and look at her

  • Nurse - Here's a ice pack, I can't send you home so you can lay here and then you can go back to class

  • ok ill drink water right now

  • Drake the type of guy to start the community fire

  • I like how she fell and no one gave a shit for 2 seconds.

  • Good Video

  • The acoustic representative essentially settle because jam optically disappear towards a simple weather. fantastic, perpetual ray

  • I dont why it was recommended....and I dont know why am I watching this!

  • i bet 1/4 does 99% did the task on group project

  • this is lack of sleep

  • It's kind of sad to see that her fellow mates didn't rush to help her!! Good to know that she's doing fine!

  • The cat lady sounds so done with her cat's bad behaviour. 😂

  • god had beef with that pole

  • Oh what a friendly cat! She s not 🤣🤣🤣

  • lol he is scared of a strange creature even with full protection

  • me when im infront of lots of people:

  • 1:02 oh thats just larry he just gets mad all the time

  • Coolest Video I Watched

  • I just can't believe that nobody picked up the girl including the guy next to her.

  • I subscribed your the best youtuber

  • Such a creepy video

  • The girl fell and others enjoyed no one did anything quickly how lame humans could be sometimes 😅😒

    • That's modern western society for you. Full of narcissistic sociopaths.

  • 1:21 wow natures water is strong

  • we cant even see lighting bolt in slow speed bro how much speed of light is???

  • Plot twist: She was doing that Michael Jackson move but failed

  • cat be like dont touch me

  • Jcb Driver afraid of creature might kill his jcb 🤣🤣🤣

  • lungfish : moves guy recording : *AAA*

  • She suffocated without oxygen.

  • she fainted because of vasovagal syncope or other syncope stuff

  • the lightning one is in china, i think so. he said 卧槽吓死我了 wocaoxiasiwole, and it means wtf it scares

  • that was a fish in the soil near the crane. these are special kind fish who survive in soil during summer

  • the dude in presentation just stupid AF for not hold her fast.

    • Too many soiboys these days with no athletic skills or reflexes.

  • 1:38 Stealing VLC player isn’t a joke , Woman !

  • I have passed out during choir class. I was standing in one place for so Long.

  • They just stood there and stared at her…

  • We need a face reveal

  • What's crazy is the delayed reaction of people around her. This happens during speeches, but normally people are more observant than they were.

  • that lighting did not like that pole at all!

  • 0:00 Expectation: someone will help me 😏 Reality: ; (

  • Lol the sirens sound like the start of a boss fight

  • Imagine that happens toy you

  • if someone in my school passed out during a presentation, the group would just get a worse grade because the presentation was interrupted... way to go...

  • 1:07 . Remember the movie war of the worlds now.

  • 1:25 it was just a cute 'DIGGLET' ...

  • 0:25 He was born ready for filming old spice commercial

  • 1:22 man managed to flinch with an entire machine

  • I have no idea what this video is for but I love it anyway

  • the guy stay warching xD

  • 0:07 basically me when the teacher says stand up for 10 minutes

  • The teachers reaction was priceless

  • Passing out is expected with MASKS!

  • Student passes out and her classmates don't give a F about her.

  • That dog is one of the boys

  • Is she dead ?

  • Owa owa

  • For everyone who is saying 2 seconds are not enough to judge those people let me tell you in such circumstances your responses are instant which is called fight and flight response. However those people looked pretty composed even after realising she is falling and fell down 🙄. Like they dint really care!!! you can literally tell by their expressions and body language 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • You can't judge someone based on their flight or fight response because that response is involuntary.

  • I lost it when I saw the machine flinch suddenly as the creature moves

  • Now I know that tremors were real 😳

  • welp I guess am ascending to heaven now

  • She fainted from the cringe

  • 1:39 Girl- Let's take this out of here Police- *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Trying to get through this semester like:

  • 0:17 is just the CUTEST thing ever

  • Holala

  • 0:27 MLP fans, remember that one time Bulk Biceps bounced muffins off his muscles

  • That’s what happens when you were a diaper.

  • wow god really hated that pole

  • that's so embarrassing

  • 0:22 what have i witnessed now i am imagining a whole line of him doing it one after another making a wave

  • Student locked her knees...happens to new guys in the military all the time.