Crab Fights Man's Shadow

Publisert 2. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a crab fights a man's shadow puppet at the beach.

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Jelly: justinnterryy

Smiling Car:

Shopping Cart:

Fireworks: pCQ6eBrbjzvg/

River Boarding: reelCR10j2...












Jay Christensen as Director/Drone Pilot

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Solo Cello Passion by Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions

Slow Down by LiQWYD

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Also in this video, someone finds strange jelly hanging from a tree. A tree breaks through a building. A crab tries to attack a shadow. A blacksmith makes a sword with his hands. All the fireworks go off at once. An orangutan finds some sunglasses to wear. A shopping cart has a rough life.

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  • these vids are getting better

  • somebody hit the wrong switch on those fireworks

  • 0:48 sounds like good hip-hop beat

  • Shadow 🥊

  • The cute thing i seen is a crab

  • 1:22 why the cart narcs exist

  • The first time we see that the thumbnail picture is not first

  • 0:20 just imagine- if that was a tall person...

  • monke swag

  • The firework:LETS GO BOIS Human:YAY SUNLIGHTS BACK The firework:*Stops* Human:awww

  • 2:01 sharpness 5 corn

  • Thats cool

  • The fireworks are crazy

  • So did the crab win?

  • I thoughts the blacksmith guy was roman reigns

  • i thought shopping carts would win but they lost

  • 0:26 Top Ten anime fights :P

  • 0:06 the forbidden apple.

  • Wtf hit that car?!

  • I thought your Title for this video is " Crab Man Fight's Shadow"

  • Okay, so no one is going to talk about how clever the Orangutan was? Not only did they know how to use them, but after they were through they threw them back!

    • Well clever.

  • the shopping cart was a true man

  • 0:20 damn tree came outta no where

  • Orangutang fly as heck

  • pin me

  • ahh yes, c o r n

  • Bro MIB is real

  • Weird crab alert

  • If you ever feel bullied at school, just know that 1:22 exists.. :(

  • 0:43 can be made a music out of this.

  • I like how daily dose checks if he can use vids and has some call contacts in his phone

  • crabs are such beautiful creatures, it makes me sad to know how ruthlessly they are killed.

  • Orangutan had to flex on the child one though with the drip

  • 0:30 that's cute

  • that orhamndjang is smart

  • Suddenly shadow boxing gets completely new meaning

  • but the cat ls so cute

  • money money money money money mo-AHHHHHHHHH

  • “Tell me this is not the cutest car ever.” “HE HE HEEEEEEE”

  • 0:45 might be the most badass thing ive seen lol

  • Guys, watch the bowling drone video. It is much more amazing than what was shown here!

  • The end video was so smooth

  • The guy who makes swords with his hand is just Minecraft on a whole new level.

  • Are those eggs or jelly strawberries?

  • 0:45 is this how Minecraft sounds we're made?

  • What species the eggs belongs to? Any1 knows? Im curious

  • 21 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • 0:54 They are in danger.

  • That orangutan has the drip.

  • 2:15 That the cats brother from the que a mi me gusta la Pepsi cat

  • God : I give power to oneguy living earth Corn : pLeaSe God : OK

  • The corn was on fire

  • That blacksmith it's just being stupid

  • 1:38 hooman learned surf

  • 1:05 post apocalyptic boss😎

  • The guy that turned the cart upside down might actually be the only smart one in that video fragment (making the woman the dumbest uf)

  • at 1:38. That's one way to travel over water

  • The crab is really punching the air rn

  • cat is cute

  • Magic rainbow unicorn? No. Magic rainbow corn

  • Man: (chomps on spaghetti) Cat: what are you doing that is my noodles you stupid

  • That kitten is a precious carb addict. 😩 Greatness recognizes greatness.

  • You're laughing. That brave warrior crab is fending for its life against a demonic earth-crab, and you're laughing.

  • That crab is real shadow fighter😂😅

  • your voice is so calming 🥱 it makes me wanna sleep

  • The first one is just frog eggs there is only one type of species of frogs that lay their eggs on either a leaf or tree branch so now you know

  • This is what happens when you can’t afford a hammer 🔨

  • Me, watching multiple of these videos in one day: *“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEERDOOOOOOOOSEEEE”*

  • when the orangutan threw the shades back lmaoo 🥺😭

  • It's all fun and games until the crab's shadow actually bites you.

  • i think this is the first time ddoi didnt put the title and thumbnail video first in the video

  • "I prefer using my bare hands as a weapon." "I prefer swords." "Weak."

  • bro the last one wat kind of camera did that?

  • 0:51 definetely mrbeast

  • The life of the shoping cart is sad and it made me cry(sarcasm)

  • 🦀 🦀

  • 2:15 hihihi so cute

  • 1:37 Goshdarn it that looked amazing This is the most satisfying thing I've seen in a while

  • When the fireworks went off i was looking away from my phone and got shit scared, thinking it was a A-10 warthog

  • Hahah shadow. Hahahahaah

  • Ngl I don’t know if those eggs are from earth… *PANIKS*

  • 0:35 I guess that sword was handcrafted! I’m so sorry…

  • How does he find these

  • 1:08 monke got drip

  • 0:19 “The world shall know Pain, ALLMIGHTY PUSH!”

  • ogs remember when this video was called the forbidden tree jelly

  • 1:00 hacks turn on

  • The crab took "Shadow Boxing" too literally

  • That crab looks like wall e

  • The thumbnail shadow… looks interesting.

  • forgeron with tools be like.. smacking over 9000h that fucking metal

  • 10:00

  • Why does it feel like I wanna eat and chew those eggs?

  • ¡

  • 1:37 COOL

  • Why is the t h u m b n a i l NOT f i r s t ?

  • Shadow Fight

  • It would've been better if the guy said AH SIT HIRS

  • Crab sees shadow - "Finally a worthy opponent"

  • The first time i haven't seen the video in the thumbnail go first in a daily dose of internet