Kid Gets Caught Trying to Steal Packages

Publisert 16. sep.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a kid is caught trying to steal packages on a doorbell camera.

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Also in this video, a woman sells cool whistles. A dog carries a big stick. A boy plays basketball in front of a band. A penguin tries to eat a drawing of a fish. A lion is scared of a turtle. A frog swims in a bucket. A man tries to speak German in a drive-thru.

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  • he was just joking guys

  • A lions greatest fear is a turtle

  • They just caught Treyvon again! You can tell that he's definitely not from that neighborhood and came from a crack slum. He probably stole a bicycle and rode it across town to steal peoples packages. Then he sells the packages for whatever he can get to support his drug habit. What a loser!!!

  • top 10 things to say when you get caught: i was just joking

  • no mask

  • e

  • that walk gives me shivers

  • I love the one with the dog scratching one dog🐕😂😊

  • JoKiN

  • I wAs jUsT jOkInG :)

  • The teeny zone dfly fax because sunflower biophysically bump astride a lean advice. meek, electric food

  • Fake title an thumbnail

  • When I saw the baby octopus I just started to cheer him on. I hope he makes it to be a big octopus one day! 🐙💜

  • Guilty child... gosh...

  • Lmao

  • I am subscribed

  • he wasnt gong to steal no way just joking thats it hi😗😂😱

  • so that the kid who said "i was jus jokin" lol hes in every voice over on tiktok lol


  • I stole a package once, but it was mine where they just delivered to the wrong address.

  • Why is no one talking about the human catapult??? That has to one of the most crazy things I have ever seen

  • “I was just joking”😂😂

  • “Halo.” “Halo.” “Do you speak English?” “Yes?” (Speaks German anyway)

  • Mans was just tryin' to pull a prank bro, give 'em a break

  • Hey jason

  • dats not a penguin LOL >O

  • He was like uhhhh I was joking so uh bye bye

  • 0:49 1:04

  • Amazing 🤩

  • why did you kill the world "I was just joking"

  • The band was amazing and so supportive of him I wish I had someone to cheer me on like that, that is a true act of supportion ❤️❤️

  • Hey

  • i was just jokin

  • 1:12 Rare footage of master oogway getting mad

  • i was just JOKING

  • They steal alot huh

  • Cities kid : running instead Hood kid : i was just jokin'

  • 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 i WaS JuSt JoKiNG👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻(silent)oK uM ByE

  • How did he know it was German

  • CAUGHT ON 8K 700 FBS

  • yeah my guy just playin bro he not gonna steal ur 950 dollar iphone 13 nope

  • That turtle s a chad

  • hi

  • nice cat

  • 1:50 That’s a human angry bird right there.

  • look at those leeegs

  • "why did you make a war with german and us" "i was just joking"

    • It was only the Nazis and US that we’re in a war (not saying that they didn’t go to war with any other continent and etc

    • @Bruhmomentdudelolalt Thegamergod i don’t get it cause that didn’t make sense

    • @Skyramn Did you see the vid?

    • @Skyramn U dont understand the joke?

    • @Bruhmomentdudelolalt Thegamergod the joke

  • 1:49 when you're addicted to Angry Birds

  • can you make a 1 hour daily dose of internet vid

  • 1:14 *Get off meh law!*

  • LOL😆

  • Ex

  • I was joking BYE Me: ok bye see you later

  • that human launcher just imagine putting a baby on it... welp rip baby

  • I’m gonna try to install a 200decibels speaker underground and when someone tries to steal a package I’ll blast it

  • "I was just joking.." *waves anxiously* "okay bye."

  • I hope that kids mom see this video and gives him a whoopen . no reason to be a thief and steal peoples packages . on the other hand it was probably his mother who taught him to do it . (=

  • The earliest known footage of Michael Brown!

  • weak

  • yo do more viders

  • lol if I was that kid I would've just dipped

  • "He swimming" "Hel-"

  • That must be a very good fish drawing😮

  • I kinda felt guilty for that kid😂

  • “I was just joking” “👋😶” “I was just joking..” “Okey bye🙂”

  • B L A C K

  • bru that is so funny

  • 1:59

  • 1:43 tiny octopus salute

  • *BEP BEP camera recording *kid wanted to steal phone but got caught* Kid: i was just joking.... Kid:um ok bye

  • A thing I like about your Chanel I that what ever you put as the thumbnail you show it in the video 😘😘😍😌😌😜and I can watch you videos for hours

  • I was just joking...... alrigth Bye :)

  • "I was just joking"



  • Kid: "I was joking!" Who was recording: SUS

  • this is why your world does not have world peace n more.

  • You can see the fear in his eyes 😂

  • tikossundee

  • "I was just joking" Parliament trying to increase taxes but Boris Johnson said COVID-19

  • Your voice is 🥵

  • The people in the van , respect.

  • Sue the kid

  • Lol

  • bro in a upper middle class neighborhood trying to steal at least go to an urban place💀

  • Pepew camera recording: I was just joking I’m just 5

  • haha


  • * Me trying to figure out a lie so I don't get in trouble for stealing the persons package * "uHm yEaH I wAs jUsT JoKinG.."

  • kid: "haha, sike!" camera: "camera recording" kid: "yeah... i was just joking"

  • oof that’s surprising

  • Kid got caught on 4K

  • His mom at home looking at this: 🩴

  • You kiddin that was master ugway and his new student

  • Wow that’s unbelivable

  • Let’s hope this kid learned his lesson.