Dramatic Snake "Dies" After Being Touched

Publisert 19. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dramatic snake plays dead.

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Also in this video, someone has a rare eye condition. A dog runs into a fence. A cat falls off a shelf. A cat has their tongue stuck to a blanket. A person rides a scooter up a stair railing. I touch a bee while it is pollinating.

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  • "A piece of her eye broke off" He says in a totally calm and collected voice as if that's just something that just happens

  • LOL must be a lot of methane down there.

  • that 2 leg dog is surprisingly well balanced

  • There's no such thing as a harmless snake. There are nasty, nasty, very bad snakes, and dead snakes. There's no in-between.

  • This parachutist is nuts

  • I can't believe that he's taken such good care of a snake that it turned to a dog

  • Why you dont shut up

  • Finger: *poke, poke, poke-poke* Bee: As soon as I finish pollinating this flower, I'll show you what real poking is all about! 🐝💥💫😭

  • i've actually held a bee in my hand

  • how it do that tho ?

  • My spirit animal

  • "snake? snake!? snake!!!!"

  • What I heard with the hognose: *poked* wwwwaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa

  • That dog reminds me of how happy dogs naturally are. It just brings to mind how much suffering some people must impose on the poor things for them to become twisted and feral like some end up.

  • 0:35 this owner is far left.

  • I’m a dog person but how adorable was that snake! 😍

  • 1.00 sharigan oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh

  • dramatic snake fakes death when touched......... i fake death when a snake touches me too

  • 25500th comment

  • Me in my bed = the hognose snake playing dead

  • mount chilliad?

  • him:toches snake snake:hard to breath.....(dies)

  • That car gave up on life

  • 0:08 - This Is Basically How Siblings React When You Touch Them.

  • Snake: "Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and lips, O you The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss A dateless bargain to engrossing death." Person watching: "OK, snake, knock it off. No one is fooled."

  • Black mamba or black racer

  • Does that girl see with the broken eye piece as if she has another eye or was I born wrong

  • yeah, watching this is way more important than my due in one hour homework.

  • 2:02 I will name him Squishy and he will be my Squishy

  • The snake vid: Very cute. Me: Oh no he's dead! -dies laughing-

  • nah she just unlocked her 1 tomoe sharingan

  • the snake really said "im alive but im dead"

  • The eye is interesting, constantly slightly changing shape

  • 1:50 😬😬😬 *Car guys felt that*

  • Those gliding guys really want to risk their lives doing that. Imagine a crash with those rocks at that speed...

  • 0:26 Looks like somebody ate a bit too much whitecastle, that'll explain it.

  • Your videos are keeping me alive right now. I just got out of the third mental hospital in three months. I've tried to kill myself multiple times, and I feel empty and sick. But your videos made me smile. And they're getting me through the night. Godspeed, Daily Dose. Your random clips and commentary make me happy for some reason.

  • That was his 13th reason

  • I use to pet bumble bees all the time XD

  • Dramatic snake: when my mom is beeing a drama Queen again

  • That's not a snake thats an A-tier actor.

  • I remember when this guy first started…it’s amazing how big his channel got. I think the key to success is putting the video you advertise on the thumbnail first all the time. He’s one of the only people that do it.

  • its not a bee, its a bumble bee there not dangerus

  • POV: You are Neymar

  • Woah

  • 1:49 Spain without the S

  • wow, that scooter going up the ramp is pretty impressive

  • 0:08 my sis every time I look at her wrong XD

  • Ngl the baby jellyfish are cute

  • 1:40 i wouldn't challange this dog to an arm wrestling game, mans arms are built different

  • Touches a bumble bee, look how brave I am! I used to surprise girls back at camp by telling girls I had bees in my hands... and well, I had several warnings about scaring girls by the end of 7 days lmao. Bumble Bees are docile as F. They can easily be handled even by a kid in 5th grade.. people are just scared of everything nowadays and it's funny/extremely pathetic.

  • its pretty cute when the snake fake dies

  • Why is noone talking about that dude paragliding looking like when your going down the GTA mountain

  • The snake: am chill the dude: * touch touch snake: . snake: is ded

  • Man: * touches snake * Snake: So I have chosen death.

  • This snake went like: See ya ✌️

  • The Bee: I saw what he did to that snake, I'm just enjoy my last meal..

  • 1:39 He was born ready for Halloween

  • Half dog, half wet sock

  • So yt says pewdiepie watched this, so imma do the same

  • ahh yes mee

  • The Oscar goes to snake playing dead.

  • idk but the snake kinda cute lol

  • I love the part where the snake "dies". if this was actually real we could have a real advantage against snakes lol :>>>>

  • The dog with no back legs was so cute when he was tumbles down the stairs😄

  • This looks okay.

  • Actually the hognose snake plays dead if it's very frightened. It might look cute but it's incredible scared

  • How much money did this guy make in this video alone?

  • no that a one dot Sharingan

  • 0:22 just like sliding up stairs in games lol

  • Ah yes, the perfect snake pet.

  • The dog gave me a scare like did you play human fall flat? But like HE DOESNT HAVE LEGGGSSS HOW DO YOU STILL WALKKKK


  • My sister also has a floating piece of her eye too!!

  • 2:28 is me

  • That dog is buff. O-O

  • One time I picked up a bee of a kids nose i my class when everyone was screaming and running around

  • 0:31 teenage mutant ninja turtles been getting a little to creative with them matches yo

  • The snake is just sooo dramatic…

  • its a species that when they come in contact with humans the play dead

  • the snake did not die

  • i have hognoses and they're so cute

  • The snake is so cuuuute

  • Bees are so soft.

  • The girl is activating sharingan XD

  • The snake is cute but if a this was a sneak this is it's conversation Man: *touch* Snake: YOU KILLED ME Man: snake I didn't kill you- Snake: *SNAKE SCREAM*

  • Give that snake an Oscar award! 🤣

  • Cute doggy

  • the snake is so cute;(((( the detail is also awesome with the tongue.... what a smart baby;(((

  • Omg the skill of the dog

  • I really enjoyed your video…Thank You….

  • 0:07

  • 1:38 why does the back of that dog o=look like another dogs face??

  • Awh- it’s super cute until it…. Bites you

  • 0:25 i think penny wise smoking or smth

  • the reason the sewer cought on fire was pennywise is trying to cook

  • 1:00 SCP 125 has broken containment!

  • 2:21 => That guy obviously does not mind if he loses a limb once in a while during his recreational activities...

  • The dragon living in the sewer : 😤

  • snake....SNAAAAAAKE