He Delivered Some Food and then Kicked It

Publisert 5. aug.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, some guy delivers some food and then kicks it as hard as he could.

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Also in this video, people jump a fence to go to a concert. A smart homeless man writes on a window. A dog slips on some snow. Someone messes up a billboard sign. A cat refuses to give up the keys to the house. A video showing the escape plan for an oil rig.

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  • The only person the police stopped was the guy with one leg....poor guy

    • @potatoboi U is potato

    • The guy: :'(

    • @Deen Chaser I mean like he might have fell on a really really sharp wire that’s on the fence

    • @Rediffy how would your leg get cut off by jumping a fence

    • Probably because he got it cut off by jumping a fence ngl

  • Maybe don't let your cat get your keys

  • 00:14 keep the chains 🤣🤣

  • sry late celebration but cg on 12M! last week i checked it was 10M lol

  • If it was a black guy all over the news

  • Take the key off the keyring...

  • Your DDOI is my daily dose of happy.....TY

  • Maybe the police officer stopped him so he won't get hurt .. I don't know I like to think that people are kind

  • 1:53 looks fun

  • funny baby farter

  • 🤣 the dog and the cops only holding only that one person

  • That delivery man should play soccer ⚽️

  • he kicked someones food (LIVES TO REGRET IT)

  • 01:42 ah yes, polish cats

  • I believe the story behind the guy who kicked the food is I’m pretty sure the customer wanted him to get fired just my theory but you can correct me if I’m wrong

  • Me: are you homeless Him: No

  • Damn that baby has a bad diarrhea

  • He kicked it cause the guy ordered a shake food

  • 20 doses of internet, out of my overdose

  • 1:32 The best job ever

  • Oh my god he is trying to get.... back to the future!

  • Lizard's a female, because she swiping everyone left.

  • Must Have Ordered An KickStart

  • Lizard porn!! Is nothing sacred anymore.


  • Well it looks like it

  • The lizard is on a dating site

  • I wish someone would roll my legs when I get gas. Anybody figure out what the homeless guy was doing?

  • Was the man in new york, cuz i've seen math like that in random places on the streets

  • WTF!! y did the cops only stop the guy with a prosthetic leg. that is just FUCKED UP!

  • What they out in the food 🤮


  • He should have wrote on the bag "We dont kick food , we respect food" ... keeps us alive ... joke or no joke .... Gotta be aware what people ask you to do , it can lead to the wrong motive & objective.

  • "very very soon, later" I just click on his videos for this lol

  • Lizard Tinder

  • Replacement second field goal

  • The thumbnail actually looked photoshopped but isnt

  • Linder, tinder for lizards

  • That homeless guy isnt making crazy math stuff, those are just a random shiets.

  • 2:25 sus

  • you could also just ask the homeless dude???

  • When I saw the lizard swiping the pictures of other lizards I was like “ooOooOOo lizard tinder 🦎😏”

  • Pov: You're watching adult swim 2:16

  • 1:10 oh god no 😭

  • the dad : now now we dont need stink bombs

  • @mrbeast

  • bro thats from 2018 lolla, come on you're from Chi

  • Wow I really am mad at the restaurant who had instructions to kick the food don’t they appreciate anything?

  • Don't be disrespectful to food

  • Ngl I think the homeless man was trying to build a nuclear bomb look at the drawing that he made dose it not look like a nuclear bomb tho


  • Commenting on Daily Dose of internets vids #21

  • that lizard was in lizard tinder

  • He's not homeless, that's just what theoretical physicists look like

  • And that lizard grew up to own many social media platforms

  • 0:27 what tha 😳

  • 1:49 thats not a cat thats a cars engine

  • Believe it or not the Delivery Driver actually got fired for that.

  • Why don't they use that emergency exit for high-rise buildings

  • Those dogs were so proud of that stick. Must have been an incredibly clean yard

  • 01:51 that looks so cool to do tho

  • My guy didn’t wanna lose the penalty ⚽️

  • Introducing the all new Linder: Find Your Lizard Companion Today!

  • 1:39 cat be like- go away! dis shiny item is mine!

  • 0:55 Nonsense to get attention.

  • Dude GEARED up for that kick 🤣

  • Imagine just going outside and seeing that man kicking food lmao

  • That baby trick is nothing new. I did that for my baby when she couldn't fart.

  • The cops stopped the handicapped guy!? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU!!!

  • 1:43 nawet tutaj polska się dostała xD

  • someone played football in high school

  • its the new albert einstein 0:43

  • 1:31 they know what they're doing . This was no accident

  • Poooor keys

  • That baby clip is very disturbing.

  • One of ur subscribers?

  • 1:59 that take too long

  • In the far future : A man invents time machine and travels to the past only to be stuck there due to a mathematical error.

  • must of been food for his wife

  • That homeless man will become a super villain

  • the cat do be sounding like an enderman tho

  • i remember a package being delivered to my house and the contents of the box was fragile and the delivery person just dropped it on the floor as if it was nothing

  • The bag in the thumbnail looks so photoshopped Not saying that it is just saying

  • "are you homeless?" "NO!"

  • 2:16: When they literally mean ‘A sea of clouds’.

  • lizard looking through tinder

  • i love your vids pls comment on this you wood make my day

  • Poland Cats are the best

  • Is this new fedex food delivery😂

  • The Giants and Vikings could use him

  • 0:03 am I tripping or you said "as hard as I could"

  • That oil rig thing looks so fun

  • Everyone in the comments is saying same goddamn thing, why the policeman has to stop the poor kid only. Well in overflow of your sympathy, you all are not looking it with a different angle. Maybe that's not how it looks. Maybe the office was concerned that in the crowd he could be hit or something like that, he's already suffering, maybe officer just wanted to help him?

  • can confirm: baby on command tooting method works on adults

  • Its been more than a month, anyone figure out what the (seemingly) homeless man try to do with those math?

  • dont hurt the baby just kill it

  • The police stop the only person that they should have let in lolololololol............................ Good thing they caught the bad seed and let the other outstanding citizens through !!!!!

  • 2:13 If Lizard tinder was a thing 😂😂😂😂

  • at 0:50 He must be used to be a topper and now this is why I stop studying

  • That was a total waste of food