A Dog that's also a Frog

Publisert 11. okt.. 2021
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you a video of a dog that is also a frog.

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Also in this video, a song scares his mom by knocking on the window. A plane lands on a highway. A cat does not enjoy wearing a harness. A man runs past a mountain lion without realizing it. A bird sits next to a dog. A man climbs a tall ladder in Austria.

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  • That video section of the student with ADHD.....that is SUCH a powerful example, and I hope it encourages teachers to 'tailor' lessons for each kid ( if possible ). I had a student years ago with ADHD, with NO support network or counselors etc to help him. I wrote several stories for him, where he had to fill in the appropriate real pronouns or verb tenses. The character had his name; in one, he was a truck driver ( he loved trucks) in another he was a heavy-equipment operator, in another he was a cave-man, and one or two more. His guardian (absent parents) told me how much he enjoyed doing those assignments at night, compared to his usual homework. The only problem is that it was quite time-intensive, writing a new story just for 1 kid, for each lesson. But if schools would invest in more teachersw and support workers , this kind of progress can be achieved. ,

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